Mom takes action against robbers targeting husband and son

Mom takes action against robbers targeting husband and son
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The red-shirted activists at Moms Demand Action swear they’re not opposed to the Second Amendment and are only in favor of “reasonable” and “commonsense” measures, but if that were truly the case they’d be jumping at the chance to lavish praise on a Mississippi woman who exercised her Second Amendment rights to protect her family.


Instead, just like with every other defensive gun use, MDA and gun control groups aren’t saying a word about the actions of the armed mom in Jackson, Mississippi who used a firearm to fend off armed robbers targeting her husband and son.

A man and his son were standing outside their home in the 1100 block of Garden Park Drive at about 2:30 a.m. Thursday, when three men wearing masks walked up to them and demanded money and keys to their vehicle, said Sam Brown, public information officer for the Jackson Police Department.

“The victim’s wife exited the home and fired multiple shots, striking one of the suspects,” Brown said in a news release.

The 17-year-old was shot once and died at the scene, Brown said.

“The other suspects fired multiple shots and fled the scene on foot,” Brown said.

Brown said officers identified a 16-year-old suspect who was later arrested at a home on Violet Street.

So far there’s no word on how the woman was able to identify the threat to her husband and son outside the home, but she was clearly ready and willing to protect them when they came under attack.

While the activists at Moms Demand Action are patting themselves on the back over Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signing legislation that will make it much harder for parents to teach their kids how to be safe and responsible with firearms, the actions of this mom who demanded armed robbers stop accosting her loved ones will be completely ignored by the “gunsense” crowd.


Kamala Harris told the attendees at Everytown’s “Gun Sense University” on Friday that it’s a false choice that “you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment, or you want to take everyone’s guns away,” but just like the anti-gun activists she was speaking to, Harris never actually spoke up in favor of our right to keep and bear arms at all. If, as she and Moms Demand Action contends, they’re supporters of both the right to keep and bear arms and “reasonable” gun control laws, then why can they never actually acknowledge someone exercising their Second Amendment rights to save lives? Why can they never point to a gun control proposal they find unreasonable, even those that require gun owners to cough up more than $1,000 to apply for a concealed carry license or make the lawful carrying of a firearm a felony offense in a host of “gun-free” zones?

The truth is that while most activists aren’t publicly calling for the eradication of our Second Amendment rights, as Gabby Giffords reminded us a few months ago that’s exactly what they want, and they will never praise the actions of armed citizens like the mother in Jackson, Mississippi who saved her husband and son from a deadly encounter right outside their home. They can’t. To do so goes against the fundamental premise of their definition of “gun safety”: don’t own one, don’t carry one, and definitely don’t say or do anything that might cause someone to exercise their Second Amendment rights.


If the anti-gun activists had their way this mom would have been helpless to stop the violence directed against her family members. In fact, if her husband and son had been killed by their attackers Moms Demand Action might have taken notice, but when she acted to save their lives she guaranteed the group and its members would avert their gaze rather than acknowledge her righteous actions or the importance of the Second Amendment in her being able to save her loved ones from harm.

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