Gaza's FAFO moment, SCOTUS inaction, and more - VIP Gold live chat 1:30 ET - Replay Available

Join Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and yours truly, along with our fabulous VIP Gold members, for our weekly live chat. There’s a lot to talk about once the discussion kicks off right here at 1:30 ET, including:

  • the latest news from Israel
  • SCOTUS declines to intervene and halt New York’s ammo background checks
  • The anti-gun activist avoiding gun control on the campaign trail
  • Massachusetts police chiefs say “no” to gun control bill
  • whatever’s on your mind!

If you can’t join us live the conversation is always available on demand shortly after we wrap up, but I hope you’ll be able to be a part of the conversation as it happens. I’m really looking forward to hearing y’all’s take on the top news of the day and whatever else pops up as a topic of conversation!