Dems Divided on Hamas & Israel, a Speaker Save, and More - VIP Gold Live Chat - Replay Available

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey is out this week, but I’m thrilled to have my Bearing Arms colleague Tom Knighton joining me right here at 1:30 ET for our weekly live chat with our wonderful audience of Townhall Media’s VIP Gold members. It’s always my favorite hour of the work week, and there’s plenty to talk about today, starting with the pro-Israel rally in D.C. and the deep divide among Democrats on support for Israel or Hamas. Other topics up for discussion:

  • Gun control activists mount opposition to permitless carry down south
  • Can Connecticut gun owners challenge lengthy licensing delays?
  • Biden and Xi’s California confab
  • Whatever’s on your mind!

The chat will kick off at 1:30 ET right here, and if you can’t be a part of the conversation as it happens you can always check out the replay on demand shortly after we wrap up!