Gun Control Groups Don't Want to Discuss Biden's Debate Debacle

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

At least not publicly. Behind the scenes, however, I'm sure they're freaking out just as much as the rest of the Democrats over Joe Biden's disastrous debate on Thursday night. After all, they endorsed Biden months ago as a reward for being such a staunch ally. They don't want you or I to be able to own a semi-automatic rifle, but they trust Biden with the nuclear codes? It wasn't just Biden's credibility that crumpled last night. The gun control groups took a hit as well. 


Everytown was right about one thing: the differences between the two candidates could not have been clearer last night. Trump was in command of both his faculties and the stage, while Biden was utterly incoherent for most of the 90 minutes of the debate. The best news for groups like Everytown and Brady is that Biden didn't have to talk about their issue in front of the cameras. 

I too was surprised that CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash didn't bring up gun control given the stark difference in the candidates' positions, as well as the relatively high-profile recent decisions from the Supreme Court in Cargill and Rahimi. I figured we'd hear Biden mumble his favorite talking points about deer and Kevlar vests and his false claim that you couldn't own cannons back in the day, but instead we were subjected to the sitting president's half-formed sentences and incoherent thoughts on abortion, immigration, inflation, and even golf. 


The anti-gunners tried their best to put a positive spin out during the debate itself, but groups like Giffords and Brady only generated a post or two on social media before falling silent for the night. I can't say I blame them. How do you defend Biden's completely indefensible performance?

The problem for Giffords and other anti-gun groups is that after last night, another four years of Biden is unimaginable for many voters, including panicked Democrats who are rightfully convinced that the incumbent tanked his chances at re-election by delivering the worst performance in a presidential debate ever seen in this country. 

Neither Trump or Biden are particularly popular candidates. Some polls suggest that a majority of Americans would like to see two different names on the ballot this November. But even if you're not a fan of Donald Trump, he at least looked and sounded like he could serve another four years. Biden, on the other hand, looked ready for a rest home. 

Will anti-gun activists join the chorus of Democrats who are now calling for Biden to step down as their nominee? I tend to doubt it, but if we do see that then Biden's goose is well and truly cooked. Biden's been the best friend the gun control lobby's ever had in the White House; nominating one of their own to serve as ATF director, establishing a White House office for gun control activists, and allowing it to influence policy at agencies from DOJ and ATF to the Commerce Department. Groups like Everytown and Giffords have to stand by their man, at least in public and at least for now, but I'm sure that they too are quietly gaming out what happens if Biden is persuaded to step aside and let an open convention determine who'll face Donald Trump in November. 


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