The Dangers of a Desperate Biden Campaign

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

After Thursday night's disastrous debate performance, Democrats are officially gameplanning how to get Biden to step aside as the Democratic candidate for president, even though Biden's surrogates claim he's not going anywhere. If Biden does decide to stay atop the Democratic ticket, he's going to be desperate to keep his base of support as intact as possible, and desperate people do dangerous things. 


That's especially true when we're talking about politicians. So what steps could Biden take between now and November to ensure the gun control lobby spends tens of millions of dollars to promote his doomed candidacy? 

We're not going to see a gun ban or any other gun control bill approved in Congress between now and November. Biden's options are really limited to executive branch actions, and thankfully the Supreme Court has taken a big step toward reining in executive branch overreach by overturning the Chevron Doctrine. That doesn't mean, however, that Biden can't propose new ATF rules, nor does today's decision prevent the ATF from putting those rules in place. Loper Bright makes it much easier to invalidate agency overreach after the fact, but it won't stop abuses from being implemented or enforced. 

So what, if anything, could Biden do to thrill his anti-gun allies ahead of Election Day? As retired ATF deputy assistant director Pete Forcelli told Bearing Arms just a few days ago, his sources within the agency have informed him that Bidens' White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is putting pressure on ATF director Steve Dettelbach to go after Glock by reclassifying the company's semi-automatic pistols as "machine guns" because of the rise in illegal switches that allow semi-automatic firearms to function as fully automatic arms. 

I have heard from some good sources that the White House, and don't forget that the Office of Gun Violence Prevention is run by Rob Wilcox, who's formerly from Everytown. He has a lot of influence at ATF now, and I know that from a number of sources because I didn't retire from there all that long ago. One of the things they kicked around was trying to force ATF to reclassify Glocks as machine guns, because they're so easily converted, in their minds, to a machine gun through the use of a switch. And people within ATF pushed back and Dettelbach didn't bite into that fishhook and get caught on that... yet. Who knows what happens if the Biden administration has nothing to lose.


I think we're officially at the stage of Biden not having anything to lose... at least if he doesn't drop out of his re-election campaign altogether. Dettelach too might be more inclined to go for broke if Biden remains the nominee, knowing that he'll be removed from his post if Donald Trump wins election. 

They also contemplated putting out a ruling to gun manufacturers stating that if you sell to government entities, then you would be prohibited from selling to the civilian markets. So, think about that for a second. ATF agents use the Glock. If Glock wanted to sign on and sell guns to the ATF or to the military, they would be prohibted from selling to the civilian market. Again, that did not happen, but these are the things that the White House is trying to push the ATF to do. It may be gently now, but once there's no worry about being re-elected maybe it's not such a gentle nudge. 

Conversely, if there's a huge worry about being re-elected, then maybe Biden and Dettelbach decide to roll the dice and release this proposed rule as well. Again, desperate times call for desperate measures, and Biden's reelection bid is in dire straights right now. 

Heck, even if Biden does decide to fall on his walker and allow for a candidate who can complete a sentence to replace him as the nominee, he may very well decide to give the gun control lobby these parting gifts before he leaves office. The gun control groups have been very good to him, and I'm sure he'd like to repay the favor while he still has the chance. 


Whether Biden remains the Democratic candidate for president or steps aside and allows for a chaotic race to replace him, gun control activists like Wilcox are almost certain to push Biden to go big on their issue between now and Election Day, and it's crucially important for Second Amendment advocates to keep up with their machinations behind the scenes. 

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