Mr. Obama, How Do I Hate Thee? Let me Count the Ways…

In 1846 Elizabeth Barrett Browning penned the following words from her now-famous sonnet number 43:

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height


My soul can reach…”

When I read those words I’m reminded of the sycophantic love affair between Barack Obama and his supporters. Their devotion to him can be characterized as nothing short of mindless.

Until now.

Recently his mindless supporters are giving him a piece of their minds, much to his chagrin. A lot of people voted for Barack Obama for many different reasons, none of which seem to matter a whole lot anymore. What does matter, even to his supporters, is where we are now. The people who supported and worshipped him just one short year ago are beginning to turn on him. What would cause millions of fawning, adoring sycophants to turn on their messiah like a pack of ravaging wolves? There are probably several good reasons, but the one crossing my mind most often can best be characterized by this anecdote.

Last week I picked up my daughter from cross-country practice and we were talking in the car.

I’m not bragging, but last spring in track she broke the school record for the 2-mile run (as a freshman) and now she’s trying to do the same thing in cross country as a sophomore. (Okay, so I’m bragging a little.) It made me happy to see her all excited about her life and her dreams. We were talking about what she needs to do to make her dreams come true. And then it hit me.

Is the American dream still attainable for our children? And, if so, to what extent? I didn’t share this with my daughter, but, if the present course of political events remains unchanged, it won’t matter how fast she runs, or what records she breaks. If our economy continues to plummet, the American way of life and the dream so long accompanying it, will no longer be attainable. And it happened on my watch. That saddens me.


I also have a 4-year-old son. He’s cute. He’s bright. He’s happy. Are America’s best days behind him? If the American way of life dies, instead of fighting to the top of the heap using his brains and his charisma, he’ll be fighting with a shotgun and his instincts just to stay alive in a world of chaos. And I believe that’s why Obama’s supporters are rapidly turning on him. They see the American way of life slipping from their grasp. But more important, they see it slipping away from their children. Every good parent wants to see their children do better than them. And in America that was always possible.
Our children are our legacy. Not only are they the fruit of our loins, but also the one thing we leave humanity that impacts history forever. Our children are the future, but what kind of a future are we leaving them? The days are short and time will soon tell. 

I’m reminded of a concealed carry student I once had. I was teaching a husband and wife in a private lesson on their farm in southwest Michigan. We were on the range behind their barn, shooting at targets up against an embankment. The woman was shooting a nice, 9mm Glock, and she honestly could not hit the broad side of a barn from the inside.

I tried everything I knew to get her on target, but it was no use. I couldn’t find the problem. I questioned her some more, and she finally threw up her hands in frustration and said, “I don’t even know why I’m doing this! I could never shoot anyone anyways. My husband made me take this class!”


At her remark, a light went off in my head, and I interjected. “What if someone was trying to kill you? Could you shoot someone then?” She said, “No! I couldn’t kill someone to save my own life. I’d just go ahead and die!” I thought that was rather odd, but I could tell she was sincere, so I thought about it a second. Even though most people have an aversion to killing another human, I personally believe that there are very few people on this planet who would rather die than protect themselves. Almost everyone has a point where they will cross the line and take a life.

Earlier in the day, this couple had introduced me to their baby girl, so I said, “How old is your daughter?”

“Nine months.”

“Okay, let’s use a little training technique called visualization.”

She nodded her head impatiently.

“Okay, here’s the scenario: You’re at the gas station filling your tank. A man drives up and parks next to your car. He gets out, walks over, reaches through the open window of your car, removes your daughter from her car seat and puts her in his own car. He then starts to get into his car to drive away.”

There was a horrified look on the young mother’s face.

“At that moment in time, could you take another human life?” This good, Christian woman said,
“I would kill that son of a bitch!” I said, “Okay then, that target down there is that man who is stealing your daughter. Fire away.”


She never missed the target again.
And I believe that’s why people are turning on President Obama. He is hurting our children. He is robbing their future. He is destroying any chance they have to attain the American dream. President Obama is that man reaching into your car and kidnapping your children’s future. Even the most ardent liberal loves their children, so that’s where they draw the line. You can mess with me, but stay away from my kids or I’ll give you my best impersonation of a mother grizzly bear!

Like so many other cultists before him, Barack Hussein Obama’s sun is setting in the west, and, if he doesn’t back off, his ex-supporters soon could be saying, “Mr. Obama, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways!”

Let’s hope and pray his sun sets quickly.

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