Two men leaving the North Carolina State Fair were robbed at gunpoint last night as they left the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, NC.

Police say the victims were walking to their vehicles after returning from the North Carolina State Fair around 11:30 p.m. when the armed men approached them and stole their wallets. No one was injured.

The two robbers then drove off in a tan or cream-colored Lincoln.

Because of the arbitrary actions of North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler these men had no other options than to hand over their wallets to the armed robbers.

Troxler denied citizens the right to carry concealed weapons at the North Carolina State Fair despite lacking the legal authority to do so.

Activist Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens was unable to find a statute to support Troxler’s ban, but decided to uphold it based on his personal whims.

A law passed in 2013 expanding concealed carry rights in North Carolina opened the door for lawful concealed carry on most state-owned property, including the state fair grounds in Raleigh. Only specific state government buildings are exempted from lawful concealed carry, including the State Capitol Building, the Executive Mansion, the Western Residence of the Governor, any courthouse, and their grounds.