New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has absolutely dominated the news these past two weeks, we know–but this latest headline had to be mentioned. It’s not actually pertaining to guns, but it does involve everyone’s favorite anti-everything mayor. As reported in the New York Post, the anti-gun crazed mayor is trying to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto a bill that would allow the sale of sparklers outside of NYC.

His reasoning? In a memo from the state’s legislative director, Bloomberg reasons that:

“While this bill excludes New York City, legalizing these devices everywhere else in the state would, as a practical matter, have the same effect in the five boroughs, a recent attempt to harm innocent lives provides a frightening example of how legally purchased… fireworks can cause dramatic harm and even kill.”

Not only is this bill outside of Bloomberg’s jurisdiction, but his reasoning is flawed. Terrorism? From sparklers? Here’s the incident Bloomberg uses to defend his actions:

“Faisal Shahzad purchased fireworks at a Pennsylvania chain store, transported the fireworks to Connecticut and created a bomb-like device that he transported into New York City with the intent of killing and causing havoc in a busy tourist area,”

But there’s just one problem. Sparklers don’t contain gunpowder, and can’t be used for more than a faulty lighter (and that’s even pushing it). So once again Bloomberg is trying to control something he doesn’t understand. He’s essentially the Grinch of Independence Day–stealing sparklers from families trying to enjoy the celebration of America’s freedom. Hopefully as Bloomberg continues to make a fool of himself, people will realize how uninformed he is on gun control issues.