Last month Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made the controversial decision to veto a bill that would have nullified all federal gun legislation within Missouri as well as made it a crime for federal agents to attempt to enforce federal gun laws in the state.

The veto was a blow to pro-gun groups who were trying to protect their right to bear arms.  Gov. Nixon’s victory could be short-lived however, as the state legislator is poised to override the veto of the pro-gun bill.  Democratic votes will be necessary, but it does appear as if they’ll have enough votes for that.

According to The Blaze,

“Being a rural-area Democrat, if you don’t vote for any gun bill, it will kill you,” Rep. Ben Harris said. “That’s what the Republicans want you to do is vote against it, because if you vote against it, they’ll send one mailer every week just blasting you about guns, and you’ll lose” [re-election].

Or maybe Republicans want you to vote against it because recent anti-gun legislation has threatened our rights to firearms while doing little to reduce violence.

At least one Democrat, who plans on backing the veto override agrees.

“We love our guns and we love hunting. It’s not worth the fight for me to vote against it,” said Rep. T.J. McKenna, D-Festus. But, he added, “the bill is completely unconstitutional, so the courts are going to have to throw it out.”