Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Show Support for the Second Amendment

The list of sheriff’s associations, police chiefs, and officers continues to grow as more and more of these brave men and women are standing up to Obama’s anti-gun agenda.  Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers association reports that law enforcement groups across the country have made the decision to pledge support in protecting our Second Amendment rights.


It’s a touching movement that’s seen a wide range of activity in all fifty states. But what’s remarkable is that nobody forced these officers into doing it. Both CSPOA or any other similar organization went and contacted sheriffs asking them to make statements. According to CSPOA, “this is something the sheriffs did on their own, or because constituents requested it of them”.

Other sheriff’s were inspired by those who were first to step up, leading to a massive influx of authorities looking to participate. From CSPOA:

Soon, people started submitting letters and links to us, and it was such a remarkable thing that we started to collect all the names and list them together. Then the miracle happened: Other sheriffs across the nation have been inspired by the courage of those who stood first. Now we see the power of standing, even if you fear you may stand alone.

NOW, powered by the gaining momentum of this movement, the CSPOA has joined with other like-minded organizations in a largely volunteer effort to contact all the remaining sheriffs and ask them for a statement. You can read more about this effort here.


The site details every states sheriff’s association that has supported the Second Amendment. Some of the interesting names include California, Colorado, and Illinois–states that have made headlines in the past for all the wrong reasons. But with over 400 individual officers pledging support, this shows a strong, unified message to those looking to ban our guns.

We’re proud of these brave men and women for risking public scrutiny to support a right that we hold so dear. Keep up the good work from all of us here at Bearing Arms!

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