So it turns out that the guy who created a petition to carry guns to the Republican National Convention (in apparent violation of state and federal laws) is a rabid gun control supporter who just wanted to “start a conversation.”

Previously known only by his Twitter handle, @Hyperationalist, Jim last week launched a petition calling for the open carry of guns at the Republican National Convention, which will be held in Cleveland in July. The petition has garnered international news coverage and prompted responses from the Secret Service and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as online haters.

While the petition reads like a rallying cry from a staunch gun rights activist, Jim, who asked that his surname not be used out of concerns for his and his family’s safety, says he started it to prompt a national conversation about guns in America.

“It is satire,” Jim tells Newsweek during a phone conversation on Tuesday morning. “The thing I try to be really clear about is: I’m not saying [Republicans] should have guns at their convention while I think they shouldn’t. I think they should have guns at their convention because I think that’s the only way to live in accordance with the principles they have tried to make us all live with.”

While it certainly came as a shock to him, Jim’s petition was embraced by a good number of guns rights supporters—Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, and Republican—for the very simple reason that we do try to live by our principles, which includes respecting the entire Constitution, not just those parts we like this week.

In keeping with that exact same spirit of Jim’s petition, why don’t we have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders live up to the same standards they desire to force upon the American people, and have them require that their Secret Service agents and private security guards relenquish their firearms before entering any campaign venue, set foot on the campaign trail, or attend the Democrat National Convention?

This would, after all, not infringe upon the self defense rights of Mrs. Clinton as she interprets the Second Amendment. Her Secret Service detail and private security guards would still be allowed to own some firearms of an antiquated design at their private residences, locked away and unloaded, to be periodically trotted out and fired with non-lead ammunition at a gluten-free shooting range.

As gun control supporting petition-writer Jim states, “I think that’s the only way to live in accordance with the principles they have tried to make us all live with.”

He’s right you know.

And disarming Hillary and Bernie’s guards the way they disarm us in these same venues sure sounds fair to me.

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