Miniter on 'The Future of the Gun'

Bestselling author Frank Miniter spoke to Guns & Patriots about his latest book revealing controversial technology advances in the firearms industry and how the consumer can benefit when government does not intervene.

The Future of the Gun” now in stores, written by a man who has dedicated his career to preserving the right to bear arms and setting the record straight on the gun community. He writes an insightfully historical account of firearm technology through the ages and leads up to the Obama Administration’s attempt to pass gun control in the wake of the Dec. 12, 2012 Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

“Seeing where America, especially after Newtown, ended up in the national conversation, it was like two sides talking at each other that both didn’t understand what the other was saying,” says Miniter. “There was so much misinformation, especially from the anti-gun side of it, that I thought it was time somebody actually went to the gun manufactures and to the R&D Department to see what’s going on, what’s really the future and how we can actually stop gun violence.”

Miniter talks about the establishment gun lobby’s willingness to work with the Obama Administration to come up with solutions after the Newtown tragedy to curbing gun violence, but that pro-gun organizations were cut out of the conversation.

In an interview with Guns and Patriots, Miniter says his book focuses on many benefits of the latest firearm technology, such as the Intelligun, a fingerprint locking system made to be an added layer of safety for firearms.

Miniter states this technology has been sold to some schools and the schools have put the gun in a lockbox that has a biometric scanner so you have to be authorized to use it, and when you pull the gun out, which also has a biometric scanner, the box automatically calls police and texts school officials that the gun has been authorized.

He says, “It’s an extra layer where someone can feel better. Smart gun technology shouldn’t be mandatory, but the choice of the consumer. It’s so controversial because gun owners are scared to death it will be mandated.

We are not investing right now in smart gun technology because we are afraid of the mandates and that’s very politically controversial and anti-gun groups want that as a level of control.”

Miniter said he is warning Americans that politicians in Sacramento, California have already found ways to use progress against gun rights.

They are discussing mandating that firearms manufacturers use a technology, such as microstamping, that is unworkable and unproven to ban guns, he said

While Miniter’s The Future of the Gun discusses the ways in which firearm technology has advanced and how the anti-gun lobby attempts to slow progress by threatening to mandate these developments, Miniter predicts a future of a technically advanced gun that offers options that fit the needs and wants of a more diverse population.