California School Districts Crack Open the Debate On Concealed Carry on Campuses

School districts in California have cracked opened the debate on whether or not concealed carry weapon permit holders should be allowed to bring their weapons on school property.


California state law currently prohibits people from carrying weapons on campus. However, those with concealed carry permits are allowed to do so if the district votes otherwise.

The Taft Union High School District is scheduled to make a decision on the matter on Nov. 14.

Kern County is currently grappling with the same issue. On Friday October 28, the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office held a workshop to discuss concealed carry on campus. Several school districts in the area have already given non-employees with concealed carry permits permission to carry on school property or at school related events. Other districts in the county have yet to make a decision.

According to, allowing concealed carry on school grounds is “a legal minefield” and “the liabilities for a school district could be huge.”

“A school district that allows concealed weapons on its’ school sites opens itself to liability issues should something go wrong. Not only could the school district be sued, but so could the person with the CCW permit,” it wrote.


However, what the site failed to mentioned was the benefits concealed carry on campuses could have, namely increased protection of students and faculty.

To reduce concerns, Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC) recommended that school districts require concealed carry permit holders to complete a 24-hour Police Officers Standards and Training course, undergo a psychological examination, and provide proof of personal liability insurance before they are given permission to carry on school grounds. Carriers would also have to agree to surrender their firearm to a superintendent if he/she requested.

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