More Bad News for North Carolina Gun Shop Owners

Photo Credit: Bass Pro Shop Official Website:
Photo Credit: Bass Pro Shop Official Website:
Photo Credit: Bass Pro Shops Official Website


Yet another gun store was robbed in North Carolina this week. Multiple long guns were reported stolen from a Bass Pro Shop in Concord, North Carolina, early Thursday morning.

Five rifles and three 12-gauge shotguns were taken. A window was also smashed. According to CBS North Carolina, the value of the stolen firearms and damage to the store is estimated to be $5,099.92.

Peter Franzese with the City of Concord said police believe they have identified one of the suspects. According to WSOC-TV, an arrest warrant was issued Thursday. However, law enforcement also said more people may have been involved.

As expected, many residents in the area are concerned about the burglary.

“I think everybody that has children, everybody has to go out, whether it’s to a mall, whether it’s to a movie theater, any public environment, it’s in the back of your mind,” Hubert Leach told WSOC-TV.

Gun store robberies have become a major issue in North Carolina this year. In the last three months, WSOC-TV said it reported numerous gun shop robberies in various cities including Charlotte, Mount Holly, Cornelius and Concord.

On September 27, Aim and Defend in Lowell was robbed. That same day, thirteen guns were stolen from Repent Arms in Concord.

On October 18, someone attempted to rob Ideal Sportsman, and on October 21, Eagle Guns and Range was burglarized—both shops were in Concord.

When Eagle Guns and Rage was robbed on October 21, WSCO-TV noted that over 420 guns have been stolen in the Charlotte area this year alone.