Dozens of Guns Stolen After Rochester Gun Shop Burglary

More than 50 guns were stolen from a gun shop in Rochester, Indiana, early Sunday morning.

According to police, the Sand Burr Gun Ranch was broken into at approximately 3 a.m.


Dennis Reichard, the Rochester Police Department’s first detective, opened the gun shop in 1988. Nearly $50,000 worth of firearms were stolen, including Smith & Wesson revolvers, rifles and engraved handguns.

“It’s a criminal activity we need to stop, so innocent people don’t get hurt,” Reichard told WSBT 22. “They’re just a tool, but in the hands of a criminal, they become very lethal weapons. Let’s get them back home so the good guys can have their say.”

According to WSBT 22, police do not have any leads.

Fortunately, each of the guns stolen has a serial number. Those numbers will be put into a national database and won’t be removed until the firearms are located.

“When an officer comes across that, he runs that serial number,” Fulton County Sheriff Chris Sailors explained to WSBT 22. “It’s protocol for most police officers to do that and it’ll come back as a stolen gun.”

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