Gun Violence Continues in Chicago, Police Department Responds with Plan

Image Source: Screenshot from Fox Illinois:
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2016 wasn’t a good year for Chicago – with 762 homicides and 3,550 shootings – and 2017 isn’t starting off any better.

Only an hour into the new year, and two men were shot in a drive by shooting on the northwest side of the city.

However, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is hoping to turn things around. He already has a plan to curb the city’s violence, starting with a bill to extend sentencing for repeat gun offenders.

“These guys know that they go through our court system, it’s a joke and they say that to me, and it’s a slap in my face when they say that because they are mocking us,” Johnson told FOX Illinois.

Chicago will also receive new “crime fighting technology,” which will be installed in the city’s most violent neighborhoods. These new systems will include additional cameras and the expanded use of ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system.