MLK Day Celebrations End With Gunfire in Two Cities

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Over a dozen people were injured yesterday during two separate shootings at two different Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations – one in Miami, the other in Houston.


In Florida, eight people were shot – one of whom is in critical condition – in Miami-Dade’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, reports the Miami Herald. Five of the eight victims are children.

The shooting occurred two hours after the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade at approximately 3:40 p.m. The event typically attracts hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of spectators.

According to the Miami Herald, police already have two people in custody and seized two guns. The two suspects are currently being questioned. Their motive, however, is still unknown.

The second shooting, which left four injured, including a 13-year-old girl, occurred in Southeast Houston, reports ABC News. None of the victims are in critical condition.

The shooting took place at approximately 6 p.m. during a block party. The MLK Day celebration is put on annually by the community.

Valerie Fisher, who was in attendance, told ABC News that the party runs into an issue each year, but that has yet to stop the community from hosting the event.

An investigation into the Houston shooting is ongoing. Police have yet to identify any suspects.

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