Kansas Representative Aims To Block Concealed Carry on Campuses

On Tuesday, a bill was introduced that would allow public colleges and universities in Kansas to ban guns from their campuses, despite a 2013 law permitting the concealed carry of handguns in all public buildings. Republican state Representative Stephanie Clayton introduced House Bill No. 2042 that would allow public colleges and universities to remain exempt from the 2013 law until further notice.


Public colleges and universities had the ability to choose exemption from the law – known as the Public Building Security Act, which amended Kansas’ Personal and Family Protection Act – until July 2017. With time running out, the Kansas Board of Regents approved a number of policies on how to implement the law on its six campuses last month.

Clayton’s new bill was introduced in response to growing concerns among students and faculty as the deadline nears.

According to The Hays Daily News, Clayton argues that the Personal and Family Protection Act must be reviewed because Kansas now has constitutional carry – meaning those who want to carry a concealed weapon do not need a permit or have to undergo any sort of firearm training.

“Our concealed carry laws were different. You had to get a license. You had to jump through all of these hoops in order to carry a concealed weapon. Now everyone can have a gun, and it doesn’t matter [if they’ve had training],” Clayton said.

With her bill, Clayton is also hoping to ban firearms from community mental health centers and municipally owned medical facilities.


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