Rotary International Rolls Back Anti-Gun Policy

At the beginning of 2017, Rotary International attempted to quietly distance itself from the firearms industry by instating a number of new restrictive rules.

Clubs were barred from accepting sponsorships from, or co-branding with, firearms companies, and told they could no longer host gun shows, gun sporting events or hunts (which were often used as fundraising events).

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for many of Rotary’s members to push back against the new anti-gun policy. Amid complaints – and national outrage after the NSSF broke the news – the RI board promised to review the rules and provide clarification in the near future.

Fast-forward nearly six months later, and Rotary International has finally released it’s new, revised policy regarding firearms.

According to reports by The New American and The Daily Caller, all Rotary entities are now allowed to “participate in activities involving the sale, giveaway or transfer, including raffles, of guns, weapons or other armaments”, as long as transfers are “handled by a licensed third party in compliance with all applicable laws.”

Rotary clubs are also permitted to, once again, host gun-related events, such as sporting events or hunts. However, the club must first “consult with legal and/or insurance professionals to ensure that they are adequately protected.”

Lastly, the RI Board lifted its ban on sponsorships from firearms or weapons companies.

Thanks, Rotary, for finally coming to your senses and listening to your clearly peeved, pro-2A members.