Walmart Gets to the Bottom of the 'Own the School Year Like a Hero' Gun Display

Walmart received quite a bit of backlash last week after a photo was taken of one of its stores’ displays in which the company’s back-to-school slogan, “Own the School Year Like a Hero,” had been placed atop a gun case.


The photo quickly went viral on social media, prompting the superstore to launch an internal investigation into the matter.

On Friday, Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson told The Associated Press that the company was the victim of a prank.

“We have definite proof it was a prank,” he said. However, Crowson failed to mention what that “definitive proof” was.

“Was an image manipulated? Did a customer move a sign for a joke? Did an employee deliberately or inadvertently place the ‘Own the School Year’ sign on the wrong display?” questioned The AP.

However, Crowson did mentioned that the photo was not taken at a store in Evansville, Indiana, as one woman – the woman who allegedly took the photo – claimed. This means the origins of the photo are still unknown to the public.

Regardless, it looks like the case of the incredibly poorly placed Walmart sign is closed.

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