Here's How These Utah Shooting Ranges Are Helping Create More Responsible Gun Owners

Two gun ranges in Utah – the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range and the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range – are offering discounts this month if you show up with a receipt proving you’ve purchased a firearm within 30 days of your visit. Shotgun shooters get half off a day of shooting, and all other visitors get a free day of shooting.


Andy Hunter, manager of the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range, is joining the NSSF in celebrating August as “National Shooting Sports Month.” But that’s not the main reason the range is offering the deal.

“Right now, there are more firearms being sold, bought, than any time in history,” Hunter tells Utah Public Radio. “It’s huge.” And he wants to make sure these new gun owners know exactly how to use their firearms.

In fact, Hunter says the range gets quite a few customers who come in looking for help on how to use a new gun.

“We’ve got volunteers that are out on the ranges whether it’s a handgun range or a rifle range that are knowledgeable and can teach them,” Hunter explains. “It’s part of getting all of these new shooters trained to where they’re safe, so that we’re all safe.”

Props to the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range, and the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range, for helping Utah residents become safer, more responsible gun owners.

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