Women Fight Over Walmart Notebook and Things Take an Unexpected Turn

On today’s episode of “When NOT to Pull Out Your Firearm.”

Earlier this week, two women, ages 32 and 46, were shopping for some school supplies in a Michigan Walmart. They were apparently on the hunt for some notebooks – the same as another couple of shoppers, a mother, 51, and daughter, 20.


The problem: Walmart was a little short stocked. I guess that’s what you get for doing your back-to-school shopping so late.

“One girl was going to buy a notebook. There was one left, some pushing resulted,” Novi Police Department Detective Scott Baetens tells Fox2News. “They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook.”

According to reports, the two older women ganged up on the 20-year-old and began pulling her hair. When the mother of the younger girl got pushed aside she decided it was time to pull our her firearm.

“She’s a valid CPL holder,” Baetens tells Fox2News. “She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them.”

While it’s understandable that the mother was upset two women were attacking her daughter – especially over something as petty as a notebook – it didn’t seem like this was a life or death situation. And in Michigan, it’s highly unlikely hair-pulling qualifies as causing serious bodily harm.

Police are currently investigating the situation to see who initiated the scuffle, and if the woman did, in fact, pull out her gun in self-defense. According to Beaten, all four women could face charges.


“A simple assault could be just a local ordinance, a 90-day misdemeanor,” Baetens says. “All the way up to felonious assault with a firearm, which is a felony.”

While this Michigan mom is definitely in the minority, you just know anti-gunners will use this as an example to paint all firearm owners as crazy gun nuts who whip out their weapons whenever they feel like it.

The worst part: we still don’t know who walked away with the notebook.

What do you think? Was this mother justified in her actions?

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