Ohio Legislature Considers Two Important Gun Bills Regarding Law Enforcement and Medical Professionals

If you’re a law enforcement officer or medical professional in Ohio, there may be some good news coming your way. The state legislature is considering two gun bill this fall that will expand your right to carry.


House Bill 253, which was just recently introduced, aims to permit off duty law enforcement officers to conceal carry their weapons in designated gun free zones.

The bill, sponsored by Republican state Representatives Larry Householder and Laura Lanese, had its first hearing before the House Federalism and Interstate Relations committee on Tuesday.

This week, the committee also reviewed House Bill 79. This was the bill’s third and final hearing. It was passed unanimously by the committee and is now headed to House floor for a full vote.

The legislation, which is being sponsored by Republican state Representatives Wes Retherford and Christina Hagan, would allow medical professionals, i.e paramedics, who have received tactical training at the police academy to carry while on the job.

We’ll keep you posted with updates as these important gun bills continue to make their way through Ohio’s legislature.

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