Arkansas Man Uses Firearm To Actually Help Police

Arkansas homeowner Dale Smith had a rather unusual Wednesday morning.

As he as walking his wife out to her car, the former marine noticed his trash can was moving. Before approaching the bin, Smith ran back inside to retrieved his firearm. When he came back outside and lifted the lid, he found a man hiding inside…wearing handcuffs.


Smith immediately called 911 and held the stranger at gunpoint until police arrived.

The trash dweller turned out to be 31-year-old Jonathan Ware, an escaped suspect who was facing a felony charge of second-degree battery.

Harrisburg Police Lt. Justin Kimble explained to Region 8 News how Ware broke free from police custody in the first place.

“I had him handcuffed behind his back,” Kimble recounted. “When I looked back, he had his cuffs in front of him. He grabbed the radar unit or the antenna of the back of my unit, and he busted the window out on the driver side”

Thanks to Smith, Ware is back in police custody and is now facing additional charges of criminal mischief, escape, fleeing and criminal trespassing. It doesn’t sound like he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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