10 of the Best Shut Downs to Liberals' Calls for Increased Gun Control

After the horrific massacre in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and over 500 injured, Democrats were quick to politicize the tragedy and revive a fresh push for gun control, without demonstrating much of an understanding of guns or how to effectively prevent these types of tragedies.


Take this tweet from Hillary Clinton that went out mere hours after the news broke:

Thankfully, Second Amendment supporters and law-abiding guns owners are stepping up and effectively shutting baseless claims like this down.

Check out these 10 instances in which 2A advocates have shown Democrats what “gun sense” really is.

1. When actress Patricia Arquette decided to impart this piece of wisdom on the world.

2. When this “History Writer” failed at…history.


3. When the New York Times forgot about the groundwork laid out in the Bill of Rights.


4. When Nancy Pelosi thought she found a way to prevent people like the Las Vegas shooter from obtaining weapons.

5. When Everytown and Moms Demand Action had a bunch of celebrities tell you to “#RejectTheNRA.”


6. When Chelsea Handler wanted us to be more like Australia.


7. When Planned Parenthood’s Steffi Badanes shared this “scary stat.”


8. When CBS made up an entirely new kind of round.


9. When Andy Cohen suggested we ban these types of firearms.


10. When David Frum forgot about millions of Americans.

Keep the stupidity coming, people. Frum and other liberals pushing for sensible gun control are about to get an earful from us “nonexistent” responsible gun owners. We won’t let misinformation stand.

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