Another City Is Moving Quick to Ban Bump Stocks

A little-known device called a "bump stock" is attached to a semi-automatic rifle at the Gun Vault store and shooting range Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, in South Jordan, Utah. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock bought 33 guns within the last year, but that didn't raise any red flags. Neither did the mountains of ammunition he was stockpiling, or the bump stocks found in his hotel room that allow semi-automatic rifles to mimic fully automatic weapons. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, bump stocks were thrust to the forefront of the gun control debate. Bills were introduced in both the House and the Senate to ban the devices, but, to liberals’ frustration, they each quickly fizzled out.


When it became clear no federal law would be passed – at least not anytime soon – states and cities began taking matters into their own hands.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to ban bump stocks after the tragedy. Similar legislation has been drafted in a number of other states, including South Carolina. However, it appears Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin has run out of patience.

On Wednesday, Benjamin announced his intention to introduce a city ordinance that would prohibit “bump stocks and trigger cranks.”

“I believe in responsible gun ownership, and I believe in common sense,” the South Carolina city mayor said in a statement. “That’s why I’ve decided to do what our federal and state governments are either unable or unwilling to do.”

“The simple fact is that automatic weapons have been illegal in this country for more than 30 years,” he went on. “And the only purpose these devices serve is to circumvent that law multiplying firing rates tenfold to approximately 400-800 rounds per minute and turning a semi-automatic firearm into a mass murder machine.”

It is not yet clear when the ordinance will be formally introduced. More details are to be released late Thursday afternoon during a news conference.

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