Manhunt Underway After Baltimore Police Detective Fatally Shot

The Baltimore Police Department is grieving this week after one of its own was pronounced dead Thursday after suffering a single gun shot wound to the head.

Homicide detective Sean Suiter and his partner were in a troubled part of town Wednesday night conducting a follow-up on a 2016 triple murder when they noticed a man engaging in some suspicious behavior.

Suiter approached the man, his badge on display. Shortly after, he was shot in the head. His partner immediately called for backup and began administering aid until help arrived.

Paramedics took Suiter to the shock trauma center where he remained in “very, very grave condition” until he eventually passed away the following afternoon.

According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, a manhunt is underway for the “heartless, ruthless, soulless killer” who murdered a man he says was “just doing his job.”

“This is a dangerous profession. This is a dangerous job,” David said in a statement. “Police officers know that at any given time they could confront someone who wants to do them harm, and that’s exactly what happened tonight.”

“With this community, we’re going to identify him, we’re going to arrest him, and we’re going to ensure justice is done,” he added.

Federal agencies, the Metro Crime Stoppers, and the state of Maryland are now offering a combined $170,000 reward for any information that will lead to the gunman’s arrest.

However, Davis said Thursday it shouldn’t take such a sizable reward to encourage people to come forward and do the right thing.

“Do some soul searching and pick up the phone and give us a call,” he pleaded during the press conference.

“We remain dedicated and committed to finding the person who ended such a beautiful life, such a wonderful detective, husband, father and friend,” he added. “We will find the person responsible for this ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary loss of life.”

Suiter, who was only 43 years-old, left behind five children, the youngest of which was 14, and a wife.

He had been with the Baltimore police force for 18 years; with the homicide unit for two. Davis described him as a “go-getter” and “a loved guy” who “loved being a cop.”

Similarly, one of his colleagues, Martin Bartness, called Suiter his “rock” and praised his work.

After Police Commissioner Davis, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh also spoke at the press conference Thursday.

“We are praying for peace in our streets. And I can say to you all again and again: Enough is enough,” she said. “Crime has to come to an end in this city. This kind of violence cannot be tolerated.”

Baltimore has been struggling with an uptick in violent crime recently. So far this, over 300 homicides have been recorded. Suiter was 309th.

In her statement, Pugh also asked the city to pray for the city’s law enforcement officers, and for Suiter’s family.

“I also ask this city to pray for our police officers because I said this earlier today, that when they leave their homes, the family’s hearts go out the door with them,” she said.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, while not at the press conference, extended his support to the Baltimore police on Twitter.