Black Guns Matter Joins the List of Sponsors for SHOT Show

Black Guns Matter, a Second Amendment advocacy group who focuses on educating youths and urbanites on gun rights, laws and safety, is now officially sponsoring the world’s largest gun show, SHOT Show.


Maj Toure, a “Solutionary Hip Hop artist” from North Philly founded the group back in 2015 on the idea that there’s no black gun culture or white gun culture, just “an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.” His mission is to wipe out the latter.

“We [Black Guns Matter] give classes free to all on firearm safety, on knowing the law, on how to apply state laws and for different permits, how to get a license to carry in your particular town, who are some trainers that you can work with,” Toure explained to HuffPost for its December feature on black gun ownership in America. “We work with trainers locally for whatever city, lawyers that know firearm laws, the Sanskrit, the basics, conflict resolution, de-escalation tactics. We give lessons on basics, so in essence, it’s a class on the Second Amendment, on human rights, on civics, firearm safety and the cultural differences between communities.”

National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior director, John McNamara, praised Toure for his efforts and is pleased to hear the group is joining SHOT Show this year.


“The era of cultural divide when it comes to firearms ownership should be a thing of the past, and thanks to the work of Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter, we’re a lot closer to that being a realization,” McNamara tells the Washington Examiner.

In addition to sponsoring SHOT Show, Toure will also be hosting one of a dozen retailer seminars.

“He’s putting his money where his mouth is through this sponsorship, but his real impact will be in the ‘Black Guns Matter: Engaging Urban Communities in the 2nd Amendment Fight’ Retailer Seminar he’ll be conducting,” McNamara added.

Here’s more on the seminar, which has been labeled a “don’t miss event” (via SHOT Show).

I am pleased to announce that Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, will be presenting a highly interactive Retailer Seminar on the misconceptions, myths and successes of engaging urban communities on gun safety, firearms rights and shooting sports participation. During his session…Toure will share the lessons he’s learned through hosting his 50 States Firearm Education Tour, take questions from the audience about how they can engage urban communities and explain how companies and organizations can support the Black Guns Matter initiative. Anyone who is interested in building deeper connections with the urban demographic and expanding their customer base to embrace the growing interest in gun ownership and safety among them should attend the session.


SHOT Show is set to take place on January 23-26 in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo Center.

The week before, on MLK Day, Toure will be hosting a much more accessible class in his hometown of Philadelphia to “celebrate Dr. King’s legacy” and work “to solve the issues of violence, accidental deaths, and incarceration in our communities.”

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