On March 8, 2013, bodybuilder Daniel Saenz, 37, was arrested after acting strangely at a local grocery store and mental health facility, apparently high on drugs. As he was brought into the jail the handcuffed suspect struck his head against something, and jailers refused to accept him into the jail without the bleeding wound being treated first.

As Saenz was dragged back outside for transport to the hospital to be treated, he struggled with officers but never left the ground, his hands clamped behind his back in handcuffs. Officers couldn’t control Saenz, but he didn’t appear to be much of a credible threat to either of them, with his hands in cuffs behind his back and his pants falling down. He was certainly a nuisance and refusing to cooperate, but wasn’t much of a threat

After struggling with Saenz for several minutes and apparently getting frustrated  with their inability to get Saenz sufficiently subdued, one of the officers, El Paso Police Officer Jose Flores, pulls his pistol and shoots a downed and restrained Saenz from behind, twice, killing him.

Prosecutors have refused to charge Flores for what appears to be an execution born of nothing more than an officer’s frustration to get a restrained suspect to comply.

I’m… at a loss for words.

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