The Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a bill this week that seeks to amend a 2013 state that allows faculty and staff to carry a concealed firearm on public college and university campuses, reports the Arkansas News.

The 2013 law, known as Act 226, legalized campus carry for “trained and licensed” staff and faculty. However, the bill was made inconsequential when public colleges and universities were given the option to opt-out. Once enacted, every school chose exemption from the law.

House Bill 1249 aims to eliminate that choice.

The bill, sponsored by Republican state Representative Charlie Collins, who also sponsored Act 226, would permit trained staff and faculty with concealed carry permits to carry a handgun on campus, regardless of the college or university’s stance on the issue.

The bill was approved by the Arkansas House last Tuesday, 71-22. Most representatives voted along party lines, which is what supporters of the bill hope will happen again this week; seven of the eight Senate Judiciary Committee members are Republican.

Collins told the Arkansas News, “With those numbers, we should be in a good position, but I’m not going to count my chickens before they’re hatched.”