Earlier this week, Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, decided the best way to keep Clergy members and churchgoers safe would be to issue a formal decree banning firearms from all churches, schools, and other properties across the archdiocese.

Reverends in the city heaped praise on Cupich for the move. However, not all Illinois residents are on board with the ban.

One of them is Marie E. Roman, who lives in a small town just outside the city. In a letter to the editor of the Chicago Sun Times, Roman lets everyone know exactly what she thinks of the Cardinal’s decree.

Cardinal Blase Cupich is foolish to think that banning guns on church and school property increases safety. It is, in fact, an unsafe measure for peace-loving churchgoers and school-age children.

People who legally carry concealed weapons must go through background checks, attend gun safety classes and be certified by the state. Their guns must be registered with the state. They have a right to protect themselves from predators who abide by none of these safeguards and requirements.

A picture on a church or school door of a gun in a red circle with an X over it is unsettling. It is not conducive to interior peace nor prayer, defeating the purpose of a church or a school. It is an open invitation for radicals to come in and start shooting.

The cardinal’s intentions are good, but he is living in a fantasyland to think that the “no guns” sign will keep out radicals with evil intentions.

Well said, Roman.