New Jersey is afraid of it’s own shadow.

A prop gun sparked a brief lockdown at Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, New Jersey, police say.

A student came to school on Knickerbocker Road this morning carrying a prop rifle for the school’s production of Hello Dolly, police said.

Some parents saw her and thought the gun was real, and they alerted authorities.

Police identified the girl within 10 minutes of responding to the scene.

I had a very similar toy gun as a kid, and when you “cycled” the bolt, you could see the gold-painted wooden bullet in the chamber. Somehow I got through elementary school without slaughtering everyone with it.

The problem with this and similar accounts is that they clearly indicate that fear-filled adults have allowed themselves to become completely irrational.

If the freaked-out parents who called the police applied even minimal critical thinking skills, they would have realized that the other students entering the school with the girl holding the toy were not afraid of her, or avoiding her, or acting in the way you would expect people to act if they saw a real firearm on a school campus.

Deduction and forming logical hypotheses aren’t just skills for oddly named Brits in silly hats.

It all seems quite silly and almost laughable to those of us in the free states, but this incident and those like it should be looked upon with sadness and concern.

This is what happens to cultures that are afraid of everything and who trade in common sense for unquestioned rules following. they have traded essential liberty for the illusion of temporary safety.

They become afraid of their own shadows, and are too dumbed-down to make rational decisions.

Now, would someone please ensure that all the Pop Tarts are put away?

I’d hate to see the SWAT team mobilized in Hackensack.