There is a lot of noise out there about FrogLube supposedly freezing, gumming up, or otherwise not working properly in cold temperatures. Here in Minnesota on a fine 1 degree winter day, we debunk the myth. I use FrogLube exclusively on ALL my firearms. AR’s, AK’s, SCAR, Mil-Surp, Revolvers, Semi-Auto Handguns. ZERO issues.

While I’ve not heard much about FrogLube freezing, I was with a very experienced shooter when he used FrogLube on an AR-15 that had been used heavily, and the gun began failing almost every shot.

We had other ARs to shoot, so we racked that one for him to clean later.

When he later disassembled the gun for cleaning, he discovered some sort of a “gummy gunk” that he thinks was formed when the FrogLube and the CLP that was already in the gun had an adverse chemical reaction in the hot inner workings of the rifle. He completely removed all the gunk and CLP residue and got the gun as clean and dry as possible. One he did, he reapplied only FrogLube, and hasn’t had an issue since.

Have any of you had an adverse reaction with FrogLube or any other CLP?