Being an elementary school or high school administrator these days must be… interesting.

This is apparently no career for someone with independent judgement, rationality or a sense or proportionality. Every issue that crosses your desk must be either completely accepted by all without dissent under the guise of “tolerance,” or ruthlessly banned. Rhyme? Reason? Common sense?


That bi-polar, Queen of Hearts, full-speed-ahead blind fury and absolutism is the mark of the modern educator, and this institutionalized insanity is running rampant in Massachusetts, where a pair of awkward teenagers have been suspended for daring to be talked about by their peers for a Facebook photo.

Two high school students in Massachusetts were suspended and face possible expulsion after posting a homecoming photo online of themselves holding airsoft rifles.

Tito Velez, 15, and his girlfriend Jamie Pereira posed with the airsoft rifles inside his home before heading to the Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School homecoming dance in Taunton, a local NBC affiliate reported.

“This isn’t dangerous. … You can’t kill someone with it,” Tito said. “We didn’t shoot anyone. We were pointing them at the floor. Everything was on safe, no batteries, they never left the house. We never took them to school. That’d be stupid.”

Airsoft rifles only shoot plastic pellets and are not intended to be lethal. Still, the two were suspended Monday morning after posting the photo on Facebook, and administrators are considering expulsion, the station said.

“They created a disruption, in our opinion, and that’s what they’re being punished for,” said superintendent Richard Gross.

The issue wasn’t the gun replicas themselves, but the “Homecoming 2014” caption attached to the photo, the superintendent said.

Has Superintendent Gross ever actually met a high school student?

This wasn’t a disruption, and the caption wasn’t the issue.

The caption was an excuse for on-site Superintendent Richard Gross and Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School Principal Carolyn Pearson to go into a full-on Queen of Hearts meltdown.

A pair of students dared to post a picture of themselves holding a pair of airsoft toys in a safe manner in a private home well away from school to a social media site, without showing the irrational fear and hysteria that Massachusetts progressives demand that people show towards things that look like firearms.

That these two kids were suspended and may face expulsion doesn’t say anything at all about students Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira or their families, who correctly think that their school administrators have lost their sanity.

The over-the-top reaction strongly that Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School Superintendent Richard Gross and Principal Carolyn Pearson lack discernment, good judgement, a sense of proportion, and rationality.

Parents of students at Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School need to take a long and hard look at these two “educators,” and determine whether they are actually capable of effective educational leadership, or if they are simply a pair of knee-jerk, politically-correct bullies that are damaging children in their hysteria.

As the parent of a high school student myself, I’d be calling for their heads.