There seem to be few things that scare the radical left-wing of the Democrat Party more than a potent citizenry. Truly, nothing frightens them more than a well-regulated (which means well armed, equipped, and trained) militia.

They’ve repeatedly attempted to circumscribe the basic civil right to self-defense, starting with attempts to ban most firearms at one time or another, which they are still attempting today.

Despite their best attempts, gun control seems to be a dead issue on the national level… if anything, gun rights on the state and local level are expanding more than they are contracting, and more people are shooting now than ever in our Republic’s history.

These anti-gun Democrats keep failing to stop us from having guns… and so they seem intent on making sure that we cannot defend ourselves against theirs.

HR 5344, the laughably titled “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,” is nothing more or less than attempt ban Level III and higher body armor that can defeat most common rifle ammunition, such as the steel plate armor sold by AR500 Armor* and other vendors.

As sootch00 notes in his video, body armor of this kind is almost never used in criminal activity.

This is nothing more or less than an attempt by another petty tyrant (Rep. Mike Honda, of California) to strip rights away from the citizenry in order to give the government more power and control.

If you are so inclined, follow sootch00’s advice to contact your senators and congressmen and let them know precisely what you feel about Honda’s bill, including who you will be voting for (the other candidate) if they dare co-sponsor, much less vote for, this or similar legislation designed to increase the disparity of force between the government and the governed.

There is also a White House petition available if you would like to sign that as well.

*Full disclosure , AR500 Armor is sending me their Banshee plate carrier package for testing and evaluation.