Concealed carriers are, as a matter of unimpeachable statistical fact, far more law-abiding than the average citizen. They even commit fewer crimes than the law enforcement officers they greatly outnumber.

That doesn’t mean that they are perfect, however, and some people manage to get a concealed carry permit even though they clearly don’t understand when they are justified in using their lawfully-concealed weapon.

Matrix Lee is clearly the latter, and appears to be someone who should never be allowed to carry a concealed weapon again.

A man apparently attempting to track down a purse thief at Como Lake in St. Paul fired multiple shots at the fleeing driver, and used the hood of a woman’s car to steady his shot.

Matrix Richard Lee, 50, has been charged with dangerous discharge of a firearm and reckless discharge of a firearm. According to charges, Lee and his fiancee were sitting on a bench at Como Lake when he saw movement near his car, noticing a white car next to the passenger side of his vehicle, his fiancee’s purse in plain view. Lee said he saw a woman exit his car carrying his wife’s purse and get into the driver’s seat of the white car.

The complaint said Lee got up and ran at the woman to retrieve the purse, but she drove at Lee and lifted her arm making some sort of gesture that, in fear of being shot, prompted Lee to grab his handgun, insert a full magazine and fire around the fleeing vehicle. The driver apparently gave him the finger, and angrily, he fired an additional shot at the car in effort to pop the tires, Lee told police.

“It was a crowded place and there were people around and I see clear. I don’t shoot directly at the person. I shoot the car tire. I know exactly where I shoot. It not go near anyone,” Lee told Fox 9 News.

Make sure that you watch the video that accompanies the story.

Lee still clearly feels that it is his right to shoot at someone who committed a petty crime. He clearly does not grasp that he put the lives of other people in a crowded park at risk. It is only a minor miracle that he didn’t manage to shoot someone walking their dog, or put a bullet in a child in a stroller.

It’s still surprising to me the number of people—gun owners, but not most concealed carriers—who think that they have the right to use lethal force in situations where there lives are not in danger.

* * *

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