Carol’s Crusaders


Tony Landenwich, NRA Instructor Southeastern Defensive Firearms Training
Offering 50% discount for any defensive carry class and will wave all fees for any basic or introductory pistol class

Don Odom, Lead Instructor at BEAR Safety and Security Solutions, LLC
Offering 25% discount for Adult Safety & Awareness, Women’s Only Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry Options, and Defensive Shooting



Melodie A. Coffman, M.S., NRA Certified Instructor with Personal Defense, Fitness & Wellness, LLC
Phoenix, AZ
BAADV discount of 10% off all classes through 2016.

Chester Manning, Chief Instructor at Manning Firearms Training and Tactics LLC
I will offer an Arizona CCW class for $40.00 to anyone with an active restraining order. This will also include the use of a firearm if they do not have one to bring to the class. The student will need to pay for the ammo they shoot. That price will depend on what caliber and how much they shoot.
[email protected]

G&G Firearms and Safety Training, LLC
Fountain Hills
Offering a 2 hour private class for $35 per person (up to five) to BAADV participants

Nathine Goldenthal, NRA Instructor, TWAW Instructor, AZ Dept. of Public Safety Firearms Instructor, Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Phoenix area
Offering to volunteer any services for training
[email protected]

Elizabeth Grier, Owner, Prescott Gun Club
My husband and I own and operate Prescott Gun Club in Prescott, AZ. and we would like to provide services for Carol’s Crusade through the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence Campaign. Anyone interested can contact us for more information.

Kimberly Onstott, She Shoots AZ
I would like to be added to the list of instructors offering CCW courses to women having an active order of protection. I would like to offer the course free of charge – the ladies would just have to pay their $60 registration fee to AZDPS.  I also have access to an experienced fingerprinter and will ask her to donate her time as well.



Chuck Menley, NRA Instructor and Training Counselor
Range Master at Palm Springs Police Department
Palm Springs Area
[email protected]

Douglas Pilcher, Firearms and Self-Defense Instructor
I have a real passion for teaching domestic violence victims how to defend themselves against their abusers. I would be happy to provide the CCW training class for free to anyone with an active protection order as part of this campaign.


Brian Soule, Easy 6 Training, LLC
Colorado Springs
I will give a 50% discount for the basic pistol class to anybody who mentions Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence.

Chris Love, Chief Instructor at Level 5 Combat Systems Ltd.
I can offer a discount on CCW classes of 30% (making the cost $70,  however this can be modified in cases of financial need as well. I don’t want an unfortunate financial situation to keep someone who is in need from being trained.

Mitch Thomas, Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer at Colorado West Firearms Institute
Grand Junction
In addition to NRA courses, I also provide a number of other personal protection and firearms training courses. I will offer a 20% discount on any of the courses I provide for anyone with an active order of protection.
Thanks for doing this project!

Brian Hepp & Brian Wilkerson, Defenseor Self Defense & CQC
50% off regular price of our CCW courses ($70 vs $140 retail) for up to 4 people (within the BAADV guidelines)

Cheri Simmons, NRA Instructor and Life Member – Simmons Shooting Academy
I teach Pistol 101 and Concealed Carry classes at several locations, all on private land. I’m offering 50% off for any class through the end of 2016 for BAADV participants
[email protected]

Carmen Fulenwider, Owner of Mile High Self-Defense
From October through November 30, 2016, we are offering Free classroom instruction for Basic Pistol instruction, RFTBAV & Colorado Law (by an Attorney), $20 to add Range instruction to the Basic Pistol Instruction and $40 for CCW Certificate course
[email protected]


Geoffrey Henriques, NRA and medical instructor
Offering FREE instruction of basic firearm safety and first aid training to BAADV participants. The only cost would be the range fees, ammo and cost of supplies used during class.
[email protected]



Hernando Pacheco, NRA Certified Instructor and former Federal Officer
Fort Lauderdale
Offering a 20% discount on the Concealed Weapons license mandated by the state of Florida
[email protected]

Ronnie Crews, NRA Instructor and Owner of Brown Water Outdoors
Offering a 30% discount for the entire month of October
[email protected]

James Petit-frere, Basic Pistol Instructor
West Palm Beach
Regular class prices are $120 per student which is all inclusive of the range the classroom and the material but for this event, I am offering classes at $75 per student

Kris Garcia, NRA Instructor
Apollo Beach
You can count me in for a 20% discount for domestic violence awareness month
[email protected]

Ryan Kenney, CC Guns N Gear
Cape Coral
$99.00 for Phase 2 Basics of Pistol Shooting ($130.00 savings off private class)

Aaron Imel, NRA & USCCA Certified Instructor with Safe & Secure Firearms Academy LLC
I would like to offer concealed carry classes to abuse victims at the the rate of $20.00 per person. (For special cases, I would do it for free)

Heather Burleson, High Caliber Lady
Fort Walton Beach
I would be happy to offer discounts on my classes to help spread awareness! I’d like to extend a 20% discount on all Pistol and Refuse to be a Victim classes for BAADV participants.

Greg Dennis, Jacksonville Firearms Training
I train families of law enforcement as well as victims of violent crimes and domestic abuse free of charge. I provide the Firearms, ammunition and targets. I also have a local range in Orange Park that donates their range to help this cause.
With my training, the students will have a certificate that allows them to get their State of Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. With this permit they can begin training to better their abilities to carry and protect themselves in everyday life.
[email protected]

Doug Rehman, Strategic Outfitters Training Center
Strategic Outfitters Training Center will waive ALL fees and costs for our Pistol Introduction course (7 Hours) for abuse victims with an active order of protection. We are making this a permanent policy.

Mike Lettko, Precision Defense Academy
Saint Cloud
25% discount on my Concealed Carry courses for the BAADV campaign

LuAnn Moyer, NRA Certified Instructor
Brevard County
I am a different kind of instructor. My classes begin in the student’s home. This allows her to be in a comfortable setting, to hold guns, to learn how to load and unload them in a quiet stress free environment. I also bring holsters and carrying options so she can get an idea of where she might like to carry her firearm. The classes can be done one on one or she could invite up to 5 of her friends. Discounts will be listed in the description of each class on my website.
In addition to the firearms classes, I also offer a “Refuse to Be a Victim” course. This situational awareness class can be presented in a home, office or church setting. This 4-hour seminar is usually done for groups and the fee is $25 per attendee. I can offer a 15% discount for this seminar to small groups and a 20% discount for groups of 10 or more for BAADV Campaign participants for classes held in November. For a small fee a firearm component can be added.
[email protected]

Mark Martin, NRA Certified Instructor
I will be glad to support the cause and give students a BAADV discount for the various classes that I offer

William J. Cleckner, Guardian Spirit Firearms Training LLC
Cost for the basic pistol course normally $75.00 but will conduct for $45.00
Cost for personal protection in the home normally $200 will conduct for $100.00
[email protected]

Jonathan Cofresi, NRA Instructor
100% FREE Course


Scott Weaver, owner of S.M.A.R.T. Firearm Training, Simunition Force on Force and NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
Offering 40% discount on all courses except for a 30% discount on the Beginner Pistol Course

Paul DeClark, Certified in 7 disciplines
Offering 20% off an individual and more off group classes

Dennis C Forlie, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor at North Georgia Firearms TrainingAlpharetta, GA
I will extend a 20% discount as a part of this campaign




Mark B Heller, Firearms Instructor Badge 553, LLC
We are offering an $80 discount: classes regularly $179, BAADV price $99

Dawn Waters, Phoenix Rising Defensive Training
I will offer my Women’s Intro class to BAADV participants for $40 (50% disc)
and my private lessons for $35 (55% disc) – training at Article II/Gun World Range
[email protected]

Todd Mendenhall, NRA Certified Instructor, State of Illinois Certified
Offering Concealed Carry Training (both required days) for $150, Refuse to Be a Victim Seminar for $15 “I and my staff at I.S.C.A.P.E. are more than willing to help ladies who seek training and not be a victim.  As a Former Combat Marine Corps veteran, I understand the issues that people face after being involved in situations and enjoy empowering people to become more self sufficient.”
[email protected]

Edwin Rodriguez, Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor
West Chicago
Offering 25% off

Scott Pulaski, Owner of Piasa Armory
Offering $50 off of concealed carry training

Jeff Nix, NRA certified pistol instructor, NRA certified Range Safety Office, NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, USCCA associate instructor and an Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor – Reel Pro Video
In most cases I can give the class to abuse victims that are low income, (qualify for medicaid or public aid, etc.) for free. Illinois training is a minimum of 16 hours. With a DD214 the training is 8 hours. This includes use of a gun, holster and the ammunition required for the qualification shoot. If they are not low income the discount is 50%,  the cost after discount is $100 for 16 hours or $50 for 8 hours.  This also includes use of a gun, holster and ammunition required for the qualification shoot.
[email protected]

Mark Maggos with Trigger Talent
Metro-East area
Offering FREE CCW course for anyone with a restraining order out

William Lapp, Basic Pistol Instructor
BAADV discount 25%
[email protected]

Michael A. Atkinson, Certified Instructor of Illinois Concealed Carry License Course
My normal rate for an Illinois CCL is $275 per person for the 16-hour class. For the BAADV campaign, I will offer the course for $200 per person for abuse victims who have an active order of protection.
[email protected]

Tomeco Hawkins, Sr. Executive / Lead Instructor at CI Tactical
We would like to be added to the list of instructors who give out discounts for victims of domestic violence. We have been already doing this for about one year now. We offer the Illinois concealed carry class free of charge for victims who have active restraining/protective orders.


Jennifer Christman, Bear It All Arms Training & Design
25% off for any BAADV participants wanting to take the basic pistol course when they sign up in October. (Training at Blanford Sportsman’s Club)



Brett Thompson with Outdoor Mentors


Suzie Doer, Firearms Instructor Trainer
We are glad to assist domestic violence protective order victims with free concealed carry permit class with proof of court order.


David Groce, P&D Concealed Carry
We are offering a 50% discount for any of our classes to individuals who have been victims of domestic violence and have an active protection order.

Jennifer Summers, Certified Trainer with Summers Firearms
Offer our Concealed Carry for $75, that includes range fees and use of our firearms with ammo. We have a female instructor. We are also an FFL and can offer them a discount on any firearm purchase.

Pierre Basic Guns LLC
50% off
[email protected]



Michael Mattia, Certified NRA Instructor, Range Safety Officer
Offering $25 off for both Basic Pistol Phase 2 and Maryland Handgun Qualification License (if done together)
[email protected]

Matt Frye and Denny Lucas, Owners of Master Arms and Tactical, LLC
Annapolis and Baltimore areas
Offering Free Maryland Handgun Qualification (must purchase handgun) with class fee waived entirely and Maryland War and Carry (concealed carry) for $240 Class fee discounted by 20% to $150

Nicholas Camp, Certified Instructor
50% off my NRA Basic Pistol course (from $125 to $75), student will have to complete the online NRA course at their cost.
50% off Maryland HQL (from $125 to $75)
50% off the 8 hour renewal Maryland CCW (from $150 to $75)
50% off 16 hour Maryland CCW (from $250 to $125), student will have to complete the online NRA course at their cost.
Any student that comes to me during the BAADV campaign will continue to receive additional coaching free of charge sans range and ammunition fees. The above rates are just what is required to cover costs of range fees, ammunition, and other supplies per class. Good luck and I hope that this campaign is very successful!
[email protected]

Charles McCubbin
Following up on the NRA’s email from BAADV about October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I will offer a $20 or 20% discount (which ever is higher) on any NRA course or Individual Training Session. I serve the Adams, York, Lancaster, and Franklin Counties of Pennsylvania and the Frederick, Baltimore and Carroll Counties of Maryland. Greater discounts are available for groups. Any interested individual or group can contact me at [email protected] for additional information.


Paul Young, NRA Certified Instructor #205652035
Offering discounted $80 class per person (regular price $100)

Wayne Marshall, Hopkinton Sportsman’s Association
We teach NRA Home Firearm Safety & Live Fire (basic pistol + home firearm safety), Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home (concealed carry) throughout the year and will offer a $50 discount to “all domestic violence victims with an active order of protection” ( with documentation)


Kirk Langbehn, Certified NRA Instructor & Recruiter, MCRGO Certified Instructor
Grand Rapids and Surrounding Area.  I can come to you depending on distance.
Offering discounted Basic Pistol class for $50, Concealed Pistol License for $100
Please contact me via email:  [email protected] or via Facebook at

Pam Blakeley
Ann Arbor
Independent instructor, and anyone with a current PPO/Restraining order can contact me via this email and the only costs would be ammo/range fee/gun rental if needed. I’m also available for consults regarding selection of suitable lethal/non lethal weapons. I’m also Taser certified.
[email protected]



Don Sayers, Owner of Inspired Shot
Offering 50% discount for any consumer course and will extend the 50% off to a Refuse to be a Victim course scheduled for December (if booked before the end of October)

Chris & Caroline Irons Ratliff, NRA Instructors with X-Ring Tactical
Good afternoon!! I received an email from the NRA regarding the “Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence” campaign in October. We would like to offer our Enhanced Conceal Carry Class at a discount for abuse victims with an open order of protection. This course is normally $100 but we will offer $25 off for BAADV participants in our area. Thank you for helping these people, we look forward to helping them as well!!
[email protected]


Hayden Brown, NRA-Certified Instructor, Second Habit, LLC
Offering $65 Missouri CCW classes, $40 Beginner Pistol classes, use code: BAADV when signing up

Carol Rainwater, Rainwater Arms LLC
20% discount on CCW classes for anyone with an active order of protection

Chris Wells, KC’s Firearms Institute
Kansas City
15% discount during the month of October in association with the BAADV campaign

Rachel Valdiviez, Frontier Justice
Lee’s Summit
We would be happy to participate in your program and be listed as one of the ranges offering discounts. We will offer 1/2 off all classes and range fees and 10% off any accessories to your participants.  If they take a class, they will get 10% off any firearms purchases.

Hayden Brown, NRA-Certified Instructor with Second Habit, LLC
In recognition of the BAADV campaign, we will offer $65 Missouri CCW classes and $40 dollar Beginner Pistol classes to abuse victims with active OOP using BAADV as the coupon code.

Rich YountOPSS Security & Services
We would be honored to provide a discount from our Normal $75 per course to $50 for those with an active Protection Order.

Melvin R. Bowman II, Chief Range Safety Officer & NRA Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home
We will run our discount through the end of the year for this program. We will offer basic pistol / CCW for $50 and Personal Protection in the home for $60.
[email protected]

Al Edwards Sr., NRA Certified Instructor
St Louis County
Will offer the BAADV course for the rate of 65.00 per student
Call 314-486-8799 and please leave your name and number



Nate Walenta, Proprietor Walenta’s Custom Leather
I received an email from the NRA about your cause. This campaign has inspired me to hold a Women’s Only CCW course on October 23rd at Sokol Hall for 20% off of the usual $100 enrollment fee.


Howard and Cindy Scheff, Owners of Safe Direction Firearms Training
Las Vegas
Offering 50% discount on any Concealed Carry or Pistol course they offer

Joseph Kocian, Ohio Certified Educator #1874677 USCCA Instructor #646800 K-Products.US
Brimfield / Kent
Offering $15 discount per person (for every group of 4 the 5th will be free) and 15% discount on all firearms purchased through K-Products.US

Randall Brooks with Carson Guns
Carson City
20% off all CCW or CCW Renewal courses we offer and 10% off on all other classes during the month of October, and November  to anyone with an active restraining order / or temporary protection order (or similar court order) when they mention the BAADV campaign at the time of class registration

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Paul Marcks, Instructor #4616328
I will offer a 50% discount for BAADV participants
732-740- 2599

New Mexico

New York

Al Benros, NRA Certified Instructor
Cortlandt Manor
I think this is a great opportunity and I would love to be able to be part of your campaign to help others. I am proud to offer 50% off our October classes for BAADV participants.

Shah, Phoenicia Fish and Game Association
We offer free Handgun Safety Courses, so please add our name to your list of Ranges and Instructors offering free classes!

North Carolina

Kevin Brooks, Owner of Provident Defense and Fitness
Offering $25 Concealed Carry Class and will waive range fees, first hour free for Pistol Shooting (free handgun rental), and first hour free with $15 per hour (up to 4 hours total) for  Self Defense

Teddy Spiliopoulos
Triangle Area
Offering time as a volunteer RSO

Zelma Biddle, Outback Shooting Range
Retired Sheriff’s Detective, NRA Certified Instructor
Thank you for your work to bring awareness to an increasing problem and the opportunity to help! Through the BAADV campaign: $50 Concealed Carry Class (regular price $75) and $40 Handgun Safety and NC Use of Force Law (regular price $50)
[email protected]

Jack Scarborough
Offering reduced fee of $20 (regular price $75) to obtain a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit

Vicky Cruz,Triangle Shooting Academy
We will offer 15% off any Concealed Carry Course for the month of October.
919-802-2040 ext 117

Kenn Shrader, Lead Instructor Informed Family Protection, LLC
I recently read the NRA Education & Training email on how, as an instructor, I can help raise awareness about domestic violence issues and offer training and education to victims.
I am offering a 20% off our NRA Basic Pistol, North Carolina, Concealed Carry and our Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar during October and November classes for qualifying customers. Use promo code “BBADV” when registering.

Rick Paxton, Owner of Personal Defense Concepts
Wilmington, NC
Individuals with an active restraining order with BAADV will receive 50% off of one on one training (Normally $45/hr) and 50% off of advanced pistol class (three day course normally $595)

Erik Heck, Home Front Freedom
$10.00 off any scheduled course in October 2016*
*must provide documentation of an active protective order and all students must register online to reserve their seat

North Dakota

Josette Severson, Prairie Patriot Firearms Training at Personal Defense Center
Prairie Patriot Firearms Training welcomes the opportunity to help to turn a victim into a survivor. We will offer a 20% discount in October to victims seeking firearms training or to obtain their ND Concealed Carry License!


Paul Lannon
Offering to work with anyone for free that gets an emergency TRO from the County Sheriff

Joseph V Kocian, USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer, P.P.I.T.H. – Reloading – F.A.S.T.E.RKent
Ohio CHL, a Veteran Owned Company

Lt. Mark Lucas (Ret.), NATO –NTOA – NRA Instructor and Dir. Training Be Elite Tactical
Central Ohio
We would like to offer a discount to victims of DV through your campaign. Most of us are current or retired law enforcement so we understand how a program like this would be beneficial. If you could ad our website to your list we would appreciate it

Terrence R. Rudes, NRA Training Counselor and NRA Certified Instructor
Port Clinton
The Rudes Training Team, in cooperation with the Oak Harbor Conservation Club in Oak Harbor, Ohio, has been offering free armed and unarmed defense training for women for over 3 years.  The training is totally free to the women.  We have had over 150 women join our program and include in our number several domestic violence counselors and victims.

Brandon Fisher, North Coast Personal Defense Academy
I am also a martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience and have taught many self defense courses as well as a NRA Refuse To Be A Victim certified instructor. We would be happy to offer a $20 discount on the NRA Basic Pistol Course Phase 2 and qualification and cover range fees.

Roger VanBuskirk, NRA Certified Instructor
I would like to offer FREE training for any abuse victims who come to me for training throughout the BAADV campaign.
[email protected]

Surprise Break Firearms Training
We will provide a discount for the month of October to individuals who qualify .  Our discount for our concealed carry course will be 25% off throughout that month.

Simon Powell, former police officer, NRA Certified
Middletown , West Elkton, and Greater Cincinnati area
Offering 2 hour instructor-led review and range time portion of NRA’s Blended Learning for $30 (one-on-one), students need to complete NRA’s online basic pistol course prior to lesson
[email protected]


Dee and Andy Page, owners of Page Firearms Training LLC
Offering free to low-cost training

Chris Hicks, Blue Haven Firearms
Midwest City
We would love to help with your campaign, and would like to offer our concealed carry class for a discount cost of $40


Tom Pohlman, retired police officer, NRA Instructor
Contact directly for details on offer
[email protected]

Catherine Hoffman, RN – NRA Pistol Instructor with Enbrera Firearms Training
Come train with me at my private range located on our property. I am a former Emergency Department RN who understands the mental acrobats for us women to learn how to use firearms.  My 6-hour classes cost $125. Anyone contacting me through this campaign receives a 25% discount. In addition, anyone signing up for a multi-state concealed carry course will receive a 25% discount.


Byron Franklin, President and CEO of Train 2 Fight
South Philadelphia and South New Jersey
Offering $75 (for 1 person) $125 (for 2) all inclusive for a shooting intro course and some hand to hand training for $10 per person each session

Ken Bittner, President of DryFire Training
Offering Free Handgun and Concealed Carry Training for victims with active order of protection

Mark Bruscke, NRA Certified
New Hope
Offering to teach a class for free if cannot afford any other instructor his customary fee

Michael McDermott, 2nd Amendment Firearms LLC
Offering FREE 2hr NRA beginners class as well as all other classes free of charge with a court order PFA (only costs would be ammunition and any range fees) during October

Sharon Cronin, NRA Lifer, NRA Certified, and RTBAV Instructor
Slipperly Rock, PA
Owner of a firearms shop dedicated to women and beginners

Klint Macro, NRA Trainer, Instructor and Practical Pistol Coach at Trigger Pressure Union
New Kensington
I received an email about this campaign and felt compelled to participate. I would be happy to give 1 free private lesson/consultation to any eligible individuals during the month of October.

Elizabeth Bowers, NRA Instructor with Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department
Mt. Lebanon
No fee for instruction and private sessions can be scheduled (based on range availability)
[email protected]

Erinn O’Donnell, Certified Instructor with Targetmaster and Target Shooting Solutions
Chaddsford and Avondale
50% off all classes for BAADV participants

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Steve Turner, Survival Decision
We would love to be involved with the BAADV campaign in any way we can!
We offer NRA Courses and are certified instructors for all the courses that you listed and more. We also teach defense tactics and personal self defense and much more all with the emphasis on AWARENESS.
We are a little different than your normal or average NRA instructors in that we have a mobile training team making it much easier for businesses and companies by having us visit their facility and teach a group much easier and quicker than sending individuals or small groups to an offsite facility. We offer some of this help now for veterans and spouses of veterans so I do see that we could be of help to you. During the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign, all classes offered at $25.00 per session per person

Sherra Scott, Sandhill Shooting Sports, LLC
We will be offering persons with an order of protection 1-hour of personalized instruction to become familiar with their firearm. We have both female and male instructors on staff.

South Dakota


Mike Crow, Instructor at Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School
Offering 50% discount on all carry permit training


Richard Worthey, RW Training, LLC
In recognition of the NRA’s Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence, RW Training, LLC will be offering a discount on their Texas License to Carry course fee for victims with a restraining order. With the discount code BAADV, the normal course fee of $70 will be reduced to $50, a savings of $20. This offer will be good from October through the end of the year!
409- 210-9333

Daniel Baur, NRA Certified Instructor
Austin, Texas
[email protected]

Gus Reina, Owner and Head Instructor of Argento Training Academy
Central Texas Area
Offering discounted costs in Texas License-to-Carry class, NRA Basic Pistol, Introduction to Force-on-Force, First Aid, Women’s Basic Self-Defense, Kidnapping Self-Rescue (English and Spanish)

Jennifer & Chester Bussell with Brush Mountain Outfitters License to Carry and Brush Mountain Outfitters Gun Shop
Offering $50 License to Carry class and 10% discount on handguns at Brush Mountain Outfitters Gup Shop

Robin Emmel, Bulletz N Lace
Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence – What a great campaign! I am offering 35% in the month of October for it, thank you!

Terence Painter, Concealed Carry Instructor
Normal class cost for the Texas LTC class is $90 per person for the 4 hour class plus range time, but through this campaign, I will offer it to victims of Domestic Violence for $20 if they sign up and pay between now and the end of October.

Mike Riley
Regular fee for my license to carry class is $50, but I will give a discount of $10 to any victim of domestic violence for the month of October through this campaign.

Gerardo Setzu, Paladin Dynamics LLC
El Paso
Through the BAADV campaign, we will offer a 50% discount to those who have an active restraining order for the following courses in the month of October: NRA Personal Protection inside the Home, NRA Personal Protection outside the Home and NRA Defensive Pistol. I’m also a Texas Licensed to Carry Instructor and provide discounts to the host.

Robert Speights, Crossfire Training
I would like to offer a 50% discount on license to carry training and basic pistol training.

Jimmy Cleveland, NRA Certified and Refuse to be a Victim Instructor with CEASE USA
As the owner of CEASE USA, I would like to add a 20% discount on all my classes that are offered on my site for qualifying BAADV participants. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this, I think it’s awesome what you are doing!

Don Radcliffe, Prepared Advantage Academy
I will offer a 40% discount or $40.00 off my License to Carry class for any person with an active restraining order during the months of October and November.

Rickey Townsend, Bulletproof CHL Firearms Training
I received an e-mail from the NRA saying the BAADV campaign was in need of assistance from NRA Certified Instructors for victims of domestic abuse. I will absolutely reduce my prices to help people afford training and will support this campaign in any way I can!


Chris Mietchen, Central Utah Concealed Permit and Firearms Training
Offering FREE Concealed Firearm Permit Classes for BAADV participants



Avery Harvey, Chief Instructor of Full Metal Jacket, LLC
Offering a $40 NRA Phase II Firearm Training

Greg Norris, NRA Certified
Offering use of private range

Mark Briley, Founder and Lead Instructor at Capital Defense Instruction, LLC
Offering $50 off the regular course price of $125 for any concealed Carry Course

John Sargent, Certified NRA Instructor
Virginia Beach
Offering $15 discount for Basic Pistol Course

Wes Boozer, NRA instructor
We here at Firepower Tactical strongly support this campaign against domestic violence. During the month of October, we will discount our Concealed Carry Permit class 50%. We will offer discounts of 25% off in stock pepper spray. Lastly we give a Tactical Handgun I class that teaches situational skills, threat matrix, and handgun safety with shoot/don’t shoot simulator.

Raymond Shashaty, On Target-fts
I will be willing to give upwards of 50% off regular pistol classes.
I also teach Utah non resident which I will include in teaching.

Brad Toohill, Blackwood Firearms Instruction
Blackwood Firearms Instruction is pleased to be part of the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign. During the month of October we will offer $25 off any of our First Step or Basic Pistol and Rifle classes.

Rex King, Owner of Defensive Firearms of Virginia, LLC
Front Royal
Offering 15% discount for all classes

Rick Thornton, NRA Certified Instructor with Blue Ridge Firearms Training
I would be happy to offer free classes to any BAADV participant for the month of October and going forward, I will offer all classes at half-price. My small classes are $50 per person and classes of 8 or more are $40 per person normally, so either $25 or $20 each.

Ruth Spradlin, Take Aim
Fairfax and Shenandoah Valley
Through the BAADV campaign, we are offering $50 + range fees  for NRA Basic Pistol phase II, $35 + range fees for non NRA Concealed Carry Course

Jon Woodard, Richmond Firearm Training
Thanks for the chance to participate in this event! I would be glad to offer a 50% discount on any defensive handgun course to victims of abuse for the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign.


Charles W. Parkinson, NRA Certified Instructor with Precision 360 Firearms Training
Pierce County
We would be honored to be included and participate in this campaign by offering a 20% discount off any P360 Practical training course as listed on our website under “P360 Practicals” for BAADV participants

Stacy Alexander, NRA Certified Instructor NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
Walla Walla
For this campaign, I’d like to offer a 25% discount on all items purchased from my site from Oct 1-Oct 31 using the coupon code: BAADV
I am also offering one (1) free Personal Protection/Situational Awareness course (your choice) from Oct 1, 2016 until Sept 30, 2017 if you mention this campaign. Contact me for directly for details.

West Virginia

Vernon Nosse, NRA Training Counselor
Offering free Phase 2 Basic Pistol class, students supply their firearm, 200 rounds of ammunition, and complete NRA’s online Phase 2 Basic Pistol and bring certificate


Jennifer Swetlik, Family Shooting Academy
Green Bay
Offering 50% discount on Wisconsin Concealed Carry class, 50% discount on private lessons, and free Basic Membership (1 year)

Michael Melland, Owner and Instructor at En Garde Firearms Training, LLC
Poy Sippi
Offering discounted Concealed Carry License for a Wisconsin Resident and Florida Non-resident combo-class
Contact Instructor for details, willing to travel to students (for a minimum of three students)

James Pierce, NRA Certified Instructor
South Milwaukee
Will provide a $10 discount on my basic pistol class for qualifying BAADV participants

Gerhardt Bobzien, Lead Instructor/President Cannonball Defense
50% discount for the month of October to support The Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence program.  Range time, if desired, is an additional $10.


Brian A. Bewley, Tactical Solutions International, Inc.
During the month of October, we will only have 1 concealed firearms permit course and 1 pistol course that will be conducted at the Dubois Gun Club, in. Dates: CFP:  9 Oct 16.  Normal price:  $80 + $10 to gun club ($90 total).  Our BAADV discount:  $50 total  Pistol:  23 Oct 16.  Normal Price:  $80.  Our BAADV discount:  $50 total