Another MAIG Member Snubs Bloomberg's Tour

As if this week couldn’t get any worse for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of his members has publically announced his decision not to attend a Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns event.


The group is currently doing a cross country bus tour to promote their anti-Second Amendment agenda.  The next stop brings them to Fargo, ND, where Mayor Dennis Walaker resides—North Dakota’s only Mayor Against Illegal Guns.

The only problem?  Walaker won’t be intending the event.

This is yet another blow to Bloomberg’s MAIG, a group that can’t seem to keep its members on the same page or out of the courtroom.

According to SFGate,

“I’ve never resigned, but I’m not an active member either. So I don’t plan on attending,” Walaker told The Forum newspaper…

…Walaker said he has been distancing himself from the group because he doesn’t want to get involved in big-city politics that have little to do with Fargo.

“I can understand the problems in the big cities. I can understand Boston and New York City,” he said. “But is it a problem here in North Dakota? I don’t think so.”

With over fifty members having left the group as of late and this newest debacle hanging over Bloomberg’s head—we could be witnessing the implosion of MAIG in real time.

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