Using a series of tweets, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her plan for sweeping gun law reform today.

Ms. Clinton’s plan, which calls for “sensible action to curb gun violence, including universal background checks, cracking down on illegal gun traffickers, and keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and stalkers” was quickly shot down by many, including The Federalist’s Sean Davis.

In part, Davis writes, “if Hillary thinks Congress should pass a law regulating private transactions between private individuals who reside in the same state, that’s her prerogative. But she should at least be honest about what she’s doing and about what authority the president has to do it. The president cannot by fiat eliminate the existing exemption. It can be done only by Congress. Obama tried to do so in 2013, but failed. Rather than making up gun control fairy tales to comfort her supporters, perhaps Hillary Clinton should explain to them how she’ll get a majority of the U.S. House and 60 U.S. senators to sign on to her gun control plan.”

Chris Pandolfo only needed one chart to prove Hillary wrong:

Gun violence falling chart

Perhaps Ms. Clinton’s team is unaware of the Rasmussen Report conducted in September of this year which found that only 34% of likely voters believe laws regarding the ownership of guns should be the responsibility of the federal government. 36% of those polled believe gun ownership is a state government responsibility.

There is one thing we can agree with Hillary Clinton on, however.

It is time to act on gun violence… by allowing teachers and staff who have concealed carry permits to carry on school grounds, passing the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, and handing down tougher sentences to violent criminals.