If Barack Obama is the biggest gun salesman of all time, then the progressive party he comes from is the sales firm he reports to. Each morning, I check my Google alert for “Second Amendment News” and I’m deeply troubled at what my search is fetching from the forefront of the internet.

In Milwaukee, WI, where the violent crime rate has catapulted the city onto the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities and the police chief gives excuse after excuse for the city’s troubles, the ‘brilliant’ Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published an opinion piece by Barry Blackwell, former professor and chair of psychiatry at the Milwaukee campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine. The article, titled “Revoke the Second Amendment” is an all out attack against all things gun related. In it, Mr. Blackwell says in part that a “militia” of the people is not needed because we now have military and National Guard in place, and that the gun ownership debate “is shaped by once-imagined and now real fear (tyranny), specious reasoning (sophistry), rigid belief systems (ideology) and politics corrupted by money (bribery).”

In Milwaukee, a city whose murder rate is up 80% over last year already this year, Blackwell’s obvious solution is to strip law-abiding citizens of their right to carry guns for self defense. “It is time to confront the history, sophistry, ideology and bribery that have created a new tyranny imposed by the NRA on peace-loving citizens who can no longer congregate and feel safe in schools, churches, cinemas and shopping malls. That is a civil right not mentioned in the Constitution but vital to a civilized life and essential to preserve. All that stands in its way is the Second Amendment. It is an American anomaly that should be revoked.”

Does Blackwell realize that each of the places he cited as unsafe are Gun-Free Zones? What then, does he think making the entire United States one big “Gun-Free Zone” will do for safety? Our right to keep and bear arms is vital to a civilized life.

Jason Hoyt, author of the book Consent of The Governed, has spent years studying the true meaning our what Forefathers were attempting to protect with the Second Amendment.

“It requires a minimum level of insanity to think bad guys won’t kill people because they will somehow follow a new anti-gun law when there is already a law, not to mention commandment, against killing people. To believe removing guns from law-abiding citizens will reduce crime is like believing the Government’s prohibition of drugs has eliminated drugs in our society. Blackwell’s argument is completely void of intellectual honesty and one our founders warned us against. History has proven his argument to be a most dangerous one, as well. His (Blackwell’s) belief that only the government should have guns is exactly what the founders warned us against and why the Second Amendment must remain in place to protect our natural God-given right to self-defense.”

In a time where it’s “hip” to hate guns, from Saturday Night Live to popular singers, and actresses on Twitter to the President himself, to Hollywood elite in their posh Pacific Palisades homes, we cannot allow the gun control narrative to strip us of our rights to keep and bear arms. If they think they know best, they need only look at how the Nazis unarmed the Jews ‘for their own good’. We know all too well that our First Amendment rights are guaranteed only by our Second Amendment rights.

Now more than ever, we need to band together to work to dispel the popular talking points of gun grabbers and citizens looking to abolish the Second Amendment. It’s no longer taboo to talk about religion, politics, or Constitutional rights – it is crucial to the security of our freedom.

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