Wisconsin is absolutely a state of contradictions: the most blatant example of this is simply looking at our State Senators, Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson.

With grossly slanted articles by The Chronicle of Higher Education and UW Professors scrambling to have their opinions heard and feelings validated, there’s no shortage of misinformation and inflammatory statements flooding the state in response to the Republican proposed campus carry legislation.

The loudest voices are college professors, and I find it completely astounding at how they refuse to entertain an opposing view on this issue. These are educated men and women who are acting so pompous and self-righteous, almost dictator-like in their assertion that what they say/think/feel/believe is the truth.

What bothers me most about the opposition to campus carry is their assertion that their views and opinions are not being heard or represented. In reality, they are being heard and they are obviously being represented by the politicians who put forth legislation countering campus carry. I think what they’re really upset about is that the anti-gun legislation they want passed in this state simply does not reflect the views and opinions of the majority of Wisconsin residents.

And in true liberal fashion, the only way to respond to that fact is throwing a temper tantrum filled with outrageous allegations and lies in order to sway a larger number of Wisconsinites to speak out against the common sense legislation put forth by the Republicans. (see Madison protests, 2011) Maybe a large part of the campus carry opposition is that liberals are still sore over losing the recall of Governor Walker over Act 10 or that we passed Right to Work in Wisconsin.

You also can’t say, as one piece claims, that a conservative representative, speaking on behalf of his conservative constituents, is part of a “willing set of lawmakers in the statehouse for the NRA.” The fact of the matter is, the politicians represent the views of Wisconsinites who voted to put them into office. We are not all Madison Liberals or Milwaukee Democrats.

The state is bigger than these two cities on the map.

I can’t stand when opponents of gun rights bring up the NRA and their members. First of all, as a gun owner you’re not obligated to join the National Rifle Association any more than teachers are obligated to join the teacher’s union here in Wisconsin, thank you very much Governor Walker. Secondly, once you join you’re not locked into a lifetime membership, you’re free to leave if you choose to do so and nobody makes you renew your membership. Lastly, even George Stephanopoulos said, “Let me make one small vote for the NRA. They’re good citizens. They call their congressmen. They write. They vote. They contribute. And they get what they want over time.”

These things anger Wisconsin Democrats and gun grabbers alike because while they use their time storming Madison and pooping in corners of the Capitol building, we use our time to thoughtfully compel our politicians to represent our best interests. Factually, respectfully, and consistently. Keep it up, Wisconsinites. Be respectful, be factual, and be sure to listen to your opponents. If nothing else, it will serve as a template for what it is we truly need to focus on in this debate.