It’s a trend bigger than Tickle Me Elmo, parachute pants, or the latest iPhone: all things Second Amendment are seeing a drastic spike in support.

The total number of FBI background checks for the month of November was a staggering 2,243,030 checks, one of the highest months on record, with the FBI reporting an unprecedented 185,345 gun background checks on Black Friday alone. Add in the uneasy feeling of vulnerability felt throughout the country after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino and Obama’s vow to change legislation, gun sales are on track to set record numbers in the U.S. this year.

Increasing right along with gun sales are the law-abiding citizens eager to carry their guns for self defense and protection of those around them. The numbers ranged from “more than doubling” in some areas to an astounding 100% increase in concealed carry applications just days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France on November 13. After the deadliest terror attack since 9/11 was committed last week in California (the U.S. state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country), permit applications will undoubtedly continue to climb in December.

Naturally, with gun sales on the rise and more citizens electing to conceal carry their weapons, attacks on the National Rifle Association are also seeing an enormous spike in popularity.

From Linda Stasi to Shannon Watts, Mark McIntyre to Harry Reid: taking a swing against the largest gun rights organization in America is nothing new. However, the most recent attacks are so inflammatory and outrageous, that it’s almost painful to think people actually believe what they’re claiming. Instead of these asinine attempts thwarting their efforts and dissuading people from becoming members, they are only working to increase the popularity of the NRA.

With the Twitter hashtag #IamtheNRA trending during Obama’s Oval Office address and the continuing efforts of the #JoinTheNRA campaign, interest and support for the National Rifle Association is on the social media fast track into people’s consciousness. Rather than riding the gun control rhetoric, people are taking it upon themselves to learn more about not only their efforts in their commitment to protect America’s Second Amendment, but also their educational efforts, news programs, commitment to hunters safety and conservation, and support of law enforcement. That’s leading to their decision to join the NRA – proudly sharing pictures of their online membership confirmation on social media and receiving virtual high-5’s from fellow members.

It seems the more blistering criticism they get from their opponents, the higher NRA’s favorability and memberships grow. A Gallop Poll conducted in early October this year showed a solid majority of Americans (58%) admitting they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA. Of course that was before the attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California.

I believe more people are seeing themselves in situations like San Bernardino and seriously considering what they would do in that same scenario. Faced with the very real thought of having to cower defenseless in fear of an armed assailant, citizens are taking full advantage of the right to bear arms that our Second Amendment affords us as Americans. Coupled with the fact that the intention of the longest-standing civil rights organization is to protect those rights, people are naturally flocking to join and defend the NRA.

And rightfully so. As an NRA member myself, I appreciate their ongoing efforts to protect my Second Amendment rights and support my decision to carry for self defense.

As the ignorant, hateful lies against the National Rifle Association continue to fly, I’m proud of people for actively grounding themselves in the truth of what this organization stands for.