You’ve seen store shelves filled with red and white since Christmas, but it always seems to sneak up on us.

Valentines Day is just two short weeks away.

A Cheeky T for thee:
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// t for your gunny guy? Try this one on for size.
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Fun Targets:
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What makes range time even more fun? Using cool targets that help to make your time at the range more efficient. These Silhouette Splatter Targets let you see your shots instantly burst in a bright florescent yellow upon impact.

Constructive Criticism:
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One of the coolest new products I got to hear about at SHOT was this little doohickey. This is the MantisX system. You attach the device, connect your phone, and collect data. MantisX analyzes an individual shot or a group of shots then provides you with a suggestion that will improve your shooting mechanics the most.

Reading Material:
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The President of Delta Defense and USCCA, not to mention all-around good guy, Tim Schmidt thankfully took the time to write the book Guns, Freedom & The American Dream. This is a book about faith, hope, and what happens when you believe in something so unconditionally that the only way to go is up.
Written to inspire, this book is a must read for every gunny guy and gal.

Smart & Sexy Concealment:
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What’s that you say? Your wife or girlfriend already has a CanCan Concealment holster? Silly man, buy her another one in a fresh new color like pink for Valentine’s Day!
Looking for your guy? Look no further than the Super Tuck Deluxe from Crossbreed Holsters.

The couple that trains together, stays together. Why not sign you and your sweetie up for a class at the one and only Gunsite Academy? Added bonus: on top of having a few days away together, the skills learned from Sheriff Ken Campbell’s elite staff will prepare you both to better handle a myriad of real world situations you carry for!

Support The NRA:
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// ts I ever got from my hubby was when he renewed a 5-year NRA Membership for me! Not to mention being able to choose a monthly subscription to an NRA publication like America’s 1st Freedom to boot!!

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It’s chocolate. It’s a gun. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!! This full-sized solid milk chocolate 1911 handgun from Chocolate Weapons is the best of both worlds. It would pair really well with…

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After Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show, Bob and I went out to dinner and had the chance to meet up with Katie Pavlich. No big surprise, but when you bring a Wisconsinite to dinner, you know what you eat? CHEESE.
Squirt Gun wine was the perfect compliment to the beautiful charcuterie board we enjoyed while catching up, but it would have went well with a big chocolate gun, as well.

Gun Range Membership:
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Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow shooters!!