On Monday, the Steve Harvey Show (he has a show?) filmed a one-hour special on Chicago’s gun violence epidemic complete with a live-via-satellite appearance from Valerie Jarrett.

Filmed in Chicago in front of an audience of Chicagoans who have experienced the city’s crime epidemic personally, it’s everything you would expect it to be, with the added bonus of having Jarrett reiterate how Obama’s impotent executive orders are going to fix everything.

Among the more outrageous statements Jarrett made in her guest spot from the White House, she starts out by saying “if you sell guns and you’re in the business of selling guns, you gotta get a license and you gotta do a background check.” Of course, that has been the law since the Brady Bill passed in 1993. We also know from The University of Chicago Preventative Medicine gun study and their survey of 99 Cook County Illinois inmates that the overwhelming majority of guns used by criminals are obtained illegally.

I suspect Jarrett already knew this based on her follow up statement when she admitted they need to “make sure we keep our streets safer, so we need to beef up our ATF agency, adding over 200 new agents so they can go out and find the people who are selling these guns illegally.”

You don’t say.

Thanks to Steve Harvey, we know it’s the same old story out of Chiraq; bad people continue to get guns illegally and democrats continue to feel the need to make more gun laws for the bad guys not to follow.

Watch for yourself:

In case there was any doubt how much of a dog and pony show Obama’s press conference on his executive actions on gun control was, I’ll leave you with the Shots-Since-Actions-O-Meter from Chicago criminal violence tracker Hey, Jackass.

Clearly, we’re in the best of hands.