What a week this has been for the Second Amendment and gun rights!

From citizens actively using their gun rights to defend themselves:

  • Woman Shoots Home Intruder Following Altercation
  • Couple Fights, Shoots Escaped Prisioner
  • Woman Shoots Stalker in Neck, Butt
  • Police Say Shooting at Auto Repair Shop was Self Defense
  • Florida Grandmother Attacks Robber Holding Toddler at Gunpoint
  • Home Intruder Meets Shotgun-Toting Homeowner
  • Armed Robbery Get Thwarted By Sheriff’s Deputy In PA
  • California Jewelry Store Owner Stops Armed Robber by Shooting him

to States working to strengthen their Second Amendment rights:

  • Appeals Court to Rehear Case Against Maryland ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban
  • South Carolina House Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Regulations
  • Maryland Uses Title IX to Make the Case Against HB 1002
  • Petition Demanding Obama Quit Messing With Our Gun Rights Signed by More Than 23,000 Americans
  • Georgia Senate to Vote on Campus Carry Bill (UPDATE: GA SENATE PASSES CAMPUS CARRY)
  • West Virginia’s Senate Voted 23-11 to Override the Governor’s Veto on Concealed Carry Bill

(and, of course, the hilarious left continuing to advocate for gun control)

  • DeBlasio Thanked God for Rise in Stabbing Crimes
  • Hillary Clinton‘s Campaign Running on Gun Crime, Directly Confronts the National Rifle Association (good luck with that, dear: gun lobby = potential voters)

There’s only one question I’d like to ask of our Bearing Arms readers:

Do you think America is finally getting it: that guns, in the hands of responsible law-abiding citizens, can and do save lives?

By no means am I saying that as a country, we’re we “in the clear” on the strength of our gun rights, but specifically in your neck of the woods: how do you feel our gun rights are doing with people in your community? More accepted, or less accepted?