In 2014, the gun rights group Wisconsin Carry filed a lawsuit to contend a Madison Transit and Parking Commission rule banning weapons on buses violates state law, which says local governments cannot put forth ordinances or resolutions which are stricter than existing state laws.

In August, the 4th District Court of Appeals upheld the ban on the definition of the word, saying the weapons ban is a “rule” which is a policy, not an ordinance or resolution.

Wisconsin Carry has appealed to the Supreme Court and Attorney General Brad Schimel filed a brief with the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to challenge that ruling.

Also being heard by the State Supreme Court is a case involving training videos Schimel made during his time as Waukesha County district attorney. The state Department of Justice is asking the videos not be released to “protect the integrity of law enforcement training and the privacy of crime victims.”

At a minimum, the WI DOJ is requesting the opportunity to edit the videos before their release to ensure no confidential information is released to the public.