Ladies: let this be a lesson to those of you who are single. Number one: make sure you’ve properly vetted the gentleman you are interested in entering a relationship with. Number two: take more shooting lessons.

Police in St. Louis, MO say a 38 year old woman went to her boyfriend’s house late Monday night where they apparently got into an altercation. I say apparently because reports say the two left his residence and the man fired a gun at the woman. That shot missed the women who then returned fire from her gun, grazing the 40 year old man in the shoulder.

Following the altercation and shooting, the woman returned to her residence, but received a knock at the door from a police officer. After opening the door to speak with the officer, she realized it was her boyfriend impersonating an officer.

She drew her gun once again and fired more shots at the man, missing him every time.

Police were alerted to the situation and recovered guns from both the man and woman.

The man was treated for a gunshot wound (graze) at the scene and immediately taken into custody for impersonating an officer. The woman is not facing any charges.