You know the saying, never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well one Florida criminal either never heard it or didn’t expect what was in store for him.

Andy Louis Willis, 35, of Plantation, FL, was taking a leisurely stroll at 9PM on Sunday evening when he came upon man sitting in a Ford truck. Naturally, as anyone would do, Willis pulled a six-inch silver knife and put it to the man’s throat, demanding he hand over his 24-inch gold necklace.

The man did as he was asked and removed his necklace but what Willis definitely wasn’t expecting was for his would-be-victim to also remove his handgun from the center console of his truck. Before handing over his necklace, the man pointed his gun at Willis, who took off running toward nearby Lauderhill Mall, entering in a restaurant attached to the mall.

The man called police from his truck to report the incident and attempted to follow his attacker into the mall, alerting police to his location. Willis was arrested after authorities gained access to the mall.

Andy Louis Willis has been charged with armed robbery and remains in custody with a bond of $7,500, records show.

Score another one for good guys who carry!