In a strange twist of fate, a 31-year-old man streaming a live video of himself outside a corner store in Chicago, Illinois captured his own shooting.

Chicago Police Officer Thomas Sweeney told BuzzFeed that the shooting occurred just before 5:00 p.m. on the city’s South Side.

The man, who can be heard in the video saying, “I can’t be out here without the store bein’ open for me,” and what sounds like, “at least I’m gonna duck an’ hide for cover” before the shooting starts. After the man hits the ground, the suspect can be seen on the video, standing over him and continuing to fire shots at others in front of the store.


The victim is reportedly in critical condition as of Thursday night, suffering from multiple gun shot wounds.

Let’s be clear: these kids aren’t concerned with existing gun laws or sweating any executive action on gun control this or the next president may sign into law. These are criminals. They stand unintimidated, shooting each other in broad daylight, because they want to.

These people aren’t studying gun laws or concerned with being caught or sent to prison.

They’re criminals – they don’t care.