On the the post beneath the video posted last week, the gun control campaign said the video was made “in response to the #NRAFairyTales efforts to market guns to children by arming classic fairy tale characters. This video is, sadly, much closer to the truth”.

Taking a swipe at the NRA Fairy Tales written by conservative writer Amelia Hamilton, in which no persons, fictional or otherwise, are shot or shot at, these videos are yet another example of how sick the gun control movement really is.

Disturbing and deplorable, the first video shows Alice skipping through her fairy tale toward a cabinet where she climbs up to retrieve an unlocked, loaded gun, ultimately hinting that she shoots herself in the face with it.

Yesterday, the campaign continued it’s assault on gun-owning parents and fictional characters with another video. This time, taking aim at Peter Pan. After one of the Darling boys retrieves an unsecured, unlocked gun in his nursery, he shoots Peter who is standing next to his brother. The narrator, who says 1/3 of all American households have a gun, then directs viewers to “ask your neighbor, ‘is there a gun where they (the children) play?'”

Words are insufficient to condemn and rebuke what the gun control movement has stooped to in this latest assault on gun-owning parents and the NRA.

I urge everyone to share this story and call (202-370-8101) or email ([email protected][email protected]) the Brady Campaign to voice your disgust with these appalling videos.